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    Cop Blames Videogames For Sandy Hook Massacre

    So one idiot says something stupid. This doesn't mean anything, he doesn't represent anyone... why should I (or anyone) care what he has to say?
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    The Big Picture: Enough With The Batman Already!

    I just want the Justice League movie to be more than just a remake of the Avengers with different costumes. I don't have high hopes for the new Superman movie, although I am kind of praying that it indeed doesn't suck.
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    U.S. Representative Wants to Treat Exposure to Violent Games

    I can only assume that there will be similar taxes on movies rated PG and up, and that listening to music with a parental advisory warning will count as a risk factor. Right? Otherwise, this bill would come across as ludicrously hypocritical.
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    PETA Plays Pokemon

    ...That's not a proper Pokemon card. It's a Trainer card, but it has HP, which means it's a Pokemon. It has three attacks, which only appear on Pokemon, but they all cost the same and all do far too little damage (Pokemon cards do damage in multiples of 10). If it's a Pokemon, it should have...
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    Poll: Replaying Games: What Types of Games and Why?

    I replay games that I want to play again. I tend to replay modern games more often, if for no other reason than the PS3 is hooked up and the N64 isn't.
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    Poll: Do you support gay marriage?

    My own opinions aside (those opinions saying "gay marriage shouldn't even be an issue in these enlightened times"), there absolutely must be a legal equivalent to heterosexual marriage, if for no other reason than tax purposes. It is unfair to say that two people who are for all intents and...
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    edit: thread no longer exists

    I admit, I have heard this one before. I'll clam up now (although if the answer gets posted, and I was wrong, I'll reveal what I suspect).
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    More Unskippable Piracy Warnings for DVDs

    This always annoys me. I'm not a pirate if I'm watching the DVD. I don't need to be told that piracy is a bad thing. When I buy a movie ticket, there isn't a scary warning on the back of the ticket saying "Don't you dare sneak into the movies!" And, to be brutally honest, are there actually...
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    Mouse over Magic the Gathering card displays on The Escapist

    Just to see how it works... [mtg_card=Liliana of the Veil] Somehow, I've only gotten her ultimate off once... against my friend who only had lands and one trivial creature. So tragic. And one of my favorite cards, just for fun: [mtg_card=Priests of Norn]
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    Poll: Cazadors, Deathclaws, or Feral Ghoul Reavers?

    I only played Fallout 3 (never New Vegas), but I only found Deathclaws intimidating until I got the Dart Gun. That just kills them - a Deathclaw with no legs can't get to melee, so I'd just orbit them, taking potshots until they keel over. Reavers are worse - when my character can't get a...
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    How would you feel having a Symbiote?

    I think I'd be fine, since most of those symbiotes tend to make you fine with them. It's what they do. If I had free will on the topic, though, it'd freak me out to no end, superpowers or not, unless I could be sure that it wouldn't eat me or turn me into a monster or something.
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    Does a long list of DLC turn you off from the game?

    No. I don't bother to check DLC until I have the game in question, and when I find that there is additional stuff for sale, I never mind. For whatever reason, there's rarely much DLC for my favorite games. It always disappoints me a bit.
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    The Big Picture: Hercules Part Two

    I saw part of this movie on TV once, and I always thought of it as "Hercules vs. Burger King". King Minos just... it's too good.
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    Does it piss you off when people text at a movie theater?

    Yes. People seem to forget that, although we can't hear you, a sudden bright light acts like a beacon directing your attention away from the movie. When the trailers start, your phone goes away. It's that simple. Feel free to text during the preshow commercial thing, but get it gone before...
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    And now I've been in two LRR videos! That's my hand on the table when Kathleen is opening Bump in the Nights. That was an awesome hat. I was hoping to see it on Feed Dump.