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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2015 - Hype Train Is Back

    for me Beth walked in and won E3 before E3 really started, Doom looks like a nice nod back to the old formula and Fallout 4 in turn looks like a nice refreshing take on a old one X3 to me Fallout 4 feels like Bethesdas Fallout, not Black Isle Fallout as presented by Beth that 3 kinda felt like.
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    Battleborn Preview - Gearbox is Back

    I remember a news article somewhere confirming Split-screen, guess Gearbox wanna keep that trend going from Borderlands.
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    Zero Punctuation: Grand Theft Auto Online

    and that last bit at the end is why I avoid PvP multiplayer in games like the plague, to many twats waving around there score or K/D ratio like a penis.
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    Zero Punctuation: Mortal Kombat X - Test Your Might

    the whole death/resurrection bs was my biggest gripe of this game, MK9 was so clearly hyping for "yes lets introduce a new generation of fighters, invigorate this long running franchise"....and then Netherrealm back-pedals with resurrection BS and only a 3rd of the cast are actually original...
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    The Escapist Presents: Destiny Beta's Greatest Hits

    As someone who actually played the Beta I would say Destiny is a classic case of "you don´t have to be new to be good"
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    Escapist News Now: New Hyrule Warriors Gameplay Skills Trailer

    very nice looking, and it´s cool Zelda getting into the action as a proper melee character (tho come on, if ya gonna make her a fighter give her something more practical to wear, the bloody cheesy cartoon from the 80s could!)
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    Doom Reboot Revealed by Bethesda

    lets hope it´s less jumpy scary Doom and more high octane fps action like the classics, and its gonna have a awesome shotgun or two right developers...right? *gives the devs a threatening death glare*
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    Zero Punctuation: Wolfenstein: The New Order

    love this game, already done one timeline and now a good bit into the other, the game so good the only complaint I have is a childish nitpick, there is no level in the game where you get a chance to dual wield the hunting shotgun, that´s how good the game is. PS: am I the only one who feel...
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    Escapist Podcast - Tabletop: 002: The Next Dungeons & Dragons

    I´m very curious to see how this hypothetical 4th edition spinoff game would end up like, unlike many others, I enjoy 4th edition and interested where it go from there.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dark Souls 2 - Prepare to Die Again

    Most fans of the souls series (including myself) enjoy the games because they harken back to older video games who treated you like a adult and forces you to learn patience and hon your reflexes. And consequently the reason most people (again including myself) dont´enjoy FF13 is because it´s...
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    Strider Review - Of Ninjas and Robots

    Osman was not made by the same team per say, but like almost every Strider clone out there at least one member of the original team that made Strider arcade workt on Osman.
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    Escapist News Now: Hyrule Warriors Coming 2014

    I for one find this to be a refreshing take on the Zelda franchise, especially since it´s just a spin-off for fun, partly done to fend of fan boys while the main Zelda team is making the real, main Zelda game.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

    just hearing the whole kill off screen bit was double sad for me, as my gamer heart beat a extra beat when Bob made the rival champions sound like bosses from a 1980-90 game.
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    Terraria 2 Is In Development

    1.2 been so far a very enjoyable patch, minimap the biggest enjoyment, as ya can easily get lost otherwise, and tho I´m sure ye old fan might disagree, the addition of lead as a easier to find substitute for iron really help making sure your gear progression goes faster and smoother. I started a...
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    Metal Gear Solid 5 Introducing User-Generated Content

    eh..where did you get the mod bit? It´s user generated missions, it´s a console game, ya not gonna be putting ya own stuff in.