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    Cars 3 Teaser Trailer Released

    2016: the gift that just keeps on giving.
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    Is the World Ready for Deep Network AI Opponents?

    With the disclaimer that I'm not an AI programmer either (though I took a few classes in college on the topic); and while I agree with the conclusion that neural network multiplayer game AI is not very feasible, I do think Shamus is wrong on a number of counts, here. The thing he identifies as...
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    #078 - Placebo

    This seems more like the Crystal of Impatience to me.
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    The Schwartz Awakens as Mel Brooks Reveals Spaceballs 2 Plans

    I thought the sequel was supposed to be called "Spaceballs III: the Search for Spaceballs II".
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    Sequels and the Death of Novelty

    Japanese RPGs seem to get this right, far more often than Western RPGs, for some reason. Final Fantasy is the famous example, but see also Dragon Quest, the Tales series. It's something I really like about the Final Fantasy games, despite their various missteps, they've been pretty...
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    #054 - Exposition

    How is the dialogue in panel 4 supposed to read? Based on content, I'm guessing it's top-left bubble, bottom-left bubble, top-right, bottom-right; but with the separation between the top-left and bottom-left bubbles, I think it's more natural to try to read it top-left, top-right, bottom-left...
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    What Satoru Iwata's Legacy Can Teach Us About Inclusive Cosplay

    Princess Zelda, Majora, Bowser, and Midna are *not* exceptions that prove the rule. They're just exceptions. "No Parking On Sunday" is an exception that proves the rule that you can park on days that aren't Sunday.
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    These Games Were Ruined By Trying to Be Movies

    Hmm, though it stretches my belief in "coincidence" a bit to say that we have two companies known for mechanics-heavy games, they get acquired by a company known for cinematics-heavy games, and then both acquired companies suddenly put out games that are bogged down by unnecessary cinematics...
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    These Games Were Ruined By Trying to Be Movies

    Good point, though was Hitman: Absolution made by Eidos? I see it listed as being by IO Interactive.
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    So You Want to be a Game Developer? Tips for Coders

    The first step is simply learning how to program, in general. You could try to jump right into game dev, but I'm pretty sure that's trying to run before you know how to crawl. (At least, it is if you intend to do something physics based, or 3D; something text based might be more manageable)...
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    #002 - Reunion

    Yeah, it's separate continuity. Apparently Critical Miss Erin was intended to be more of a serious character eventually, but by the time they got comfortable enough to try something a bit more serious the strip was too well established as "quirky but sometimes a bit dark video game humor" and...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: Does Christianity Make Us Weak? (Nietzsche)

    Okay, Christian here, some interesting ideas in this video I wanted to respond to, with the Biblical teaching on the topic. Sorry if it's a bit of an essay. Disclaimer 1: I'm talking mostly Christian doctrine, i.e. what's in the Bible, which doesn't perfectly align with Christian behavior...
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    Should Any Aspect of Gaming Be Off-Limits to Discussion?

    Though, Shamus isn't talking about about the creators here. I promise you, the SoM developers didn't contact Shamus after his last column saying "Y'know, we were a little hurt that you didn't enjoy our story and our gameplay". What's interesting (and to me, most concerning) is the level...
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    All My Hard Work and I Get This Ending?

    He mentions this on his blog entry for this column []: I suppose it's not exactly a surprise that that seems to be the primary topic of discussion here, anyways.
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    Game Theory: Chrono Trigger Retells the BIBLE?!?

    Okay, Christian here, and this are some ridiculously tenuous connections. At the very best case, and Game Theory is entirely right here, we've got Neon Genesis Evangelion level "random symbolism makes everything better" stuff. (Disclaimer, I played Crono Trigger through once a few years ago...