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    Fallout 4 Teaser Site Returns

    Well the hoaxer himself,admitted on the Fallout subreddit,that he was using the site to promote a mod he was working on. Source: To be fair if he was trying to mislead everyone again, surely he would have used a...
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    See Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay In All Its Glory

    I was somewhat skeptical when I heard this was a prequel made by a different studio than the first two game. This demo has convinced me however, it looks good, I like the new enemies and detective mode. It's clearly not some quick carbon copy of the last game the publishers want while Rocksteady...
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    Zero Punctuation: SimCity

    Yahtzee, you should have gone the Dylan Thomas route for offensive place names. Just write it backwards like Llareggub in "Under Milkwood". (Though pronouncing whatever Dog's Bollocks is backwards would be difficult)
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    Assassin's Creed III Limited Edition for Americans Only

    Of course please excuse the terminological inexactitude
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    Assassin's Creed III Limited Edition for Americans Only

    I can't imagine it selling well over here anyway (obvious reasons). Honestly my opinion is I don't care about killing Brits(as I recall there were Brits in Acre in AC1 whom I had no bother killing) but it's the fact that they seem to be marketing the whole affair as a pro-american 4th July...
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    British Teachers Still Blaming Games for Schoolyard Violence

    Children play war games. That's a fact that's always been true. They also like to re-enact things that they see explaining the bullet time. It's not really any different from them running around playing "Cowboys and Indians" with their fingers shaped as guns going "bang your dead"
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    Mass Effect 3 Petition Raises Funds For Charity

    Hell, I didn't even play the game and I was disappointed in the endings. They should start an "Occupy the Citadel" they worked well.
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    Ghost Trick Haunts iOS

    You can tell your paranoid when you think a "Ghost Trick on an iOS" is one of those screamer apps
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    Poll: Will you upgrade immediatly?

    I'll wait a year to let them work out the flaws in the system (which we all know there will be). If there's no backwards compatibility/way to transfer game data I'll wait until more good games come out/my friends upgrade.
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    It has begun.

    TV Tropes has a banner up. I think all the tropers would suffer withdrawl symptoms if it blacked out completely.
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    U.S. Congress Shelves SOPA

    Because all the criticisms for SOPA are based on lies. Have a read yourself, the actual bill is linked in the link above.
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    U.S. Congress Shelves SOPA

    You may regret saying that on the internet....where all the Anti-Sopa types are....
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    U.S. Congress Shelves SOPA

    Viva l'internet revolution! Honestly living in Britain SOPA wouldn't affect me as much as it would Americans but I've been following the bills progress and hoping it dosen't pass. Now go deal with PIPA would you kindly?
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    Assassin's Creed 2.85

    I like the thought of the French revolution, but I personally think Imperial Britain during the late 1800's/ early 1900's. However people DO want the inevitable Desmond game and a lot of fans may have gone off the series during all the dallying around with Ezio.
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    Poll: Would you enjoy the universe if it turned into an anime?

    Seeing as according to the quiz I'm "The old Veteran" that means I become a badass, have a traumatic experience, become a mentor to a brash young chosen one and sacrifice my life at some point to further the plot..... Just as long as it's one of the more sensible ones.