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    Escape to the Movies: The Great Gatsby

    I was going to put my money in for the full theater of the absurd: Minor actor (maybe one of the kids? that'd be priceless) comes out as gay. Card flips his lid and... I dunno. Full-on absurdity would probably be disowning or trying to block the movie. The LGBT group can get behind the...
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    The Big Picture: The Big Spoiler: Iron Man 3

    FYI, that's a pretty typical Boston accent from anyone who grew up somewhere other than the couple of suburbs populated largely by people who moved in from elsewhere. It's not British, and he's not putting it on, either. Rather, he cuts the accent once he actually goes into his radio voice.
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    Escape to the Movies: A Good Day to Die Hard

    You'd be amazed how many people forget that. Also, at one point, an irrelevant character calls it "Ukrainia". I expect better of anyone sent to Russia as a CIA agent. Other than that, my main thought was, "and now you all get to die horrible tortured deaths of radiation poisoning," because...
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    Massive EVE Online Superbattle Blocks The Stars

    According to this: (That page has a really hard time with "sides" because of the chaos involved. I think most of the ships are listed on both sides.) At least 29 titans were on field. 11 of those were Avatars. Most of them were...
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    3000 member EVE fight - What insanity looks like

    Not the same scale, but an actual short film: (ep. 1 has only about 4 different ships, admittedly, but ep.2 has a 30v30 or so with one of the big ships you saw deployed in the video you linked to as a plot object)
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    Massive EVE Online Superbattle Blocks The Stars

    Speaking as someone who took a frigate there, we were not only pinned at 10% time dilation, but we were experiencing old-school lag, too. Not only did everything take 10x as long, which I could live with, but module activations were sometimes delayed by entire minutes. For that matter, when...
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    The 50 Most Boring Opinions In Geek Culture - Part I

    As I have heard the story, he didn't so much "not read the book" as he refused to read the book after getting a few pages in. (At a guess, it was either citizenship-through-[military-]service or the scene about part about participation medals that offended him.) Or, the actual story...
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    Escape to the Movies: Killing Them Softly

    It was the fact that the accent would slowly get stronger and stronger and then it would cut out like he paused to compose himself and then creep back again that was the big tip-off for me. I agree that the fade-in was more distracting than the accent itself. For my part, I assumed "Killing...
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    The Big Picture: The Girl of Steel

    I agree with you about the "all she needs is to be badass" sentiment. However, to be fair, they didn't have the internet back then and, based on other articles I've seen elsewhere, this may have been a time when looking up "friction" in the dictionary (apparently with a definition of "two...
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    What do they have to "get", exactly? I suppose those of us who have seen it would find it annoying if they rehashed the story in the premiere of Batman Beyond, but the series has a setup that has plenty of potential. Also, up until the end of Rises, I have always thought that the Nolanverse...
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    Notch Unveils His New Game

    Nonono, as several people have explained here, it's a CS joke, not a physics joke: The c is superscript, which is supposed to imply exponentiation. In hexadecimal, that makes things 16^12, which happens to be the year he wakes up... or close to it. He actually did remember to add on starting...
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    Jeff Gerstmann Explains His Departure From Gamespot

    About the only way to spin this positively would be to claim that such posturing ("I'll pull advertising revenue!") is par for the course and anyone who actually listens to it is a pushover. The euphemism for hard-edgned negotiating suggests this may be true, but that doesn't say anything about...
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    Angry Birds Dev Spins Piracy as Growing Fanbase

    I disagree that it's necessarily bad to say that, although I agree the concept behind the words is mildly ridiculous. On the other hand, I also think it's a false statement: History seems to have shown that indy devs, as a whole, aren't overly concerned with piracy. In fact, I have a feeling...
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    Acknowledging Blackout, Politicians Ditch SOPA

    That's what I'm worried about... I'm very heartened to see the results from today, but I won't rest easy until, at the very least, my senators renounce it (I'm from CA, and they both sponsored PIPA), preferably while promising to never try to pass another one. I'm not holding out too much hope...
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    Sen. Leland Yee Offers Holiday Shopping Advice for Parents

    I seem to recall seeing research that said that watching cartoon violence on TV, say, involving Bugs Bunny or the Roadrunner had a similar effect to more explicit violence, and that there really wasn't much of a difference between explicit movie violence and explicit game violence. I'm not...