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    What kind of sex life do you have?

    For the Past 4 Years None, till i quit playing world of warcraft... Then was randomly kidnapped then married so no sex in that.
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    What Ethnic Group Will Replace Nazis?

    I Vote for beating up on the Moon People or anyone in Canada because both parties are to quiet. (That or Fat People in Tights)
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    Why is Skyrim popular?

    Its very easy to see why Skyrim has a strong buzz too it. Most of us have been trapped behind the iron-sights for so long in a grey/brown/whatever dull color that comes next is. That Skyrim was really a refreshing game, like a long island ice tea refreshing after working a tar roof in Florida...
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    Next CoD Speculation

    Call of Duty: Fallout 4 because someone had to push the Red Button by now.
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    Black Ops Designer Regrets "Second Chance" Perk

    " God i love this song i wish MOS came out with a CD for all the fail perks of CoD. " Would be a better stocking stuffer then MW3 *HA!*
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    Unskippable: Call of Juarez: The Cartel Part 2

    On The Main Photo looks like something out of the A-Team. Hmmmm I wonder if they sell me one, "Guys no no no i dont need the coke, i want the truck ^.^"
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    China Cracking Down on Piracy

    So when are they going to takedown Walmart.
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    Sexist Ad Lands EB Games Australia In Trouble

    Other then the AD being the next utube reject of the day, My question is why use a duster, girl get your Swiffer on :P
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    World of Warcraft Slips Further

    After Deathwing i know am walking away for awhile. (May just skip the panda thing after that comes out to, but normally i always get bored and go back to it. Being its the only game thats kind of fun and runs "ok" on my P.O.S Laptop. Tho i could spot wield steel with my side air-vent with it...
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    Favorite anime character?

    Desert Punk.. ~i know there is a full list i could at but Eh~
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    "Blow Up Best Buy" Guy Comes Clean

    I wonder what he did after he didn't get his Tickle-Me-Elmo.
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    "Blow Up Best Buy" Guy Comes Clean

    At the end of everything Walmart saves the day. And if you were just buying a basic copy of MW3... I cant see popping a fuse over it... Being you could have walked in to another store and picked up a copy. >.> Maybe he's just off his Meds
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    Biggest boss you have beaten

    Fel Reaver From WoW, ten to one ive killed bigger but god i hated him back in the day. Walking around herbing with my Kitty Druid and failed to turn on the sound for WoW. Bam (Dead)
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    Hardcore gaming is dead forever...

    Playing Doom with the Lights off: Hardcore *End Post here* lol
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    How Does Anyone Play BF3?

    I think id get afew more kills with my Starting Sniper Rifle if they only let me beat someone to death with it. Go Go Paper-Weight.