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    Fallout 3 Playstyle

    My most successful character specialized in melee weapons, energy weapons, and explosives. Shoot them up a couple times from a distance and back up around cover, dropping some mines while they close in for a good view of you, and melee the f**k out of anything that survives all that. Works...
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    Top 5 metal bands!

    False, false, absolutely false. haha Metallica is much better than all 5 of the bands you listed. That having been said: Metallica Devil Driver Mastodon Korn Godsmack In no particular order. Also, I wouldn't really consider Trent's work as 'metal'. I've always seen it as...
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    What song is stuck in your head right now?

    Pet by A Perfect Circle. mmmhmmm
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    who loves unforgotten realms?

    Pure win. xD It's a funny series =p
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    Poll: Fighting Game?

    Doesn't have Killer Instinct. So I vote MK =]
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    Poll: Who is your favorite Watchmen character?

    Actually lol'd reading this xD
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    Poll: Who is your favorite Watchmen character?

    Manhattan took the cake. Completely logical, and super powerful. His telling of his background story was my favorite part in the movie, hands down. He simply has the most character substance, in my opinion.
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    Zydrate comes in a little glass vial.

    One of my favorites, Graverobber is the bomb. And Pavi is one awesome dude in my opinion :p
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    Favorite character in a fighting game

    You're thinking of Thunder =] Yeah, Killer Instinct is by far the best fighting game, having all my favorite fighting game characters: Jago, Spinal, Fulgore, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Spinal, Riptor, Thunder, and Eyedol =D
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    "9" - A film apparently produced by Tim Burton

    Wowzers, it looks pretty good.
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    Poll: Giving blood

    40 HOURS? Wow, and I thought my school was bad... (20 hours for us) But back to the subject at hand, I haven't given blood, although I heard it's a great feeling experience.
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    Fallout 3's ending

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    Obama's Eligibility

    I believe there was sarcasm implied... at least I hope so. William G. Hardings was an army general back in the early 1800s. =/
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    Obama's Eligibility

    Probably not sued, persay. Crucified, maybe. But sued, probably not. We Americans tend to go into denial mode if something big isn't going our way, until it's completely kosher. And even after that, we're still whiny little bastards haha Honestly, I think the entire dilemma was birthed by...