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    LoadingReadyRun: Fun With Microwaves 3

    This really needs to be its own series. Like daily drop was...
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    Is Persona 3: FES worth playing?

    1. I only had to grind for one of the bosses in the game, and even then not that much. The game is long though. 2. This was my biggest issue. You can give party members basic commands like all out attacks or healing but they never really did exactly what I wanted them to do. 3. The...
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    What Do Your Badges Say About You?

    I'm a veteran dragon that likes video game music and has too much free time...
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    you are living in the last game you played?Are you gonna be ok??

    Hmmm... That depends on whether Cole Mcgrath is being a good guy or a bad guy I suppose... And whether or not I'm a conduit.
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    Who is the worst Final Fantasy character ever?

    Honestly I had no problem with any of the main cast from FF13, even Vanille. As far as playable characters go though my least favorite is Gau from FF6. He talked in the broken "jungle boy" way of always saying "me" or his name instead of "I" and he had like no tie into the plot at all. He...
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    Poll: Your PS3 Welcome Back Gifts

    Got Super Stardust and Wipeout. Loving Super Stardust, but only really got Wipeout because I already had inFamous and LBP. It's alright though. Also with the free month of playstation plus there are a few other free downloads to get, though you can only play them until the subscription...
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    Poll: Best Curry?

    Oh god it's all delicious... I had a really hard time voting between Indian and Japanese though, but since I had a meal of chicken katsu curry a few days ago I'll go with Japanese.
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    Which Free PSN Games Are You Going For?

    I already own inFamous and LBP, which are the two I would get if i didn't have them. So I guess I'm going for Super Stardust and... not really sure about the other two, I don't particularly want either of them but since they're free...
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    Pokemon You've Trained that NO-ONE Else Trains EVER!!!

    I never evolved my Quilava in Soul Silver. It's level 81 now.
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    Poll: How much has the hacking of PSN affected your lives so far?

    Haven't been able to play portal online, but I'm not really bitter about it...
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    The Mistborn books are seriously some of my favorites. Brandon Sanderson is a great author, and I highly recommended the trilogy. I have to say that this series had one of the best endings I have ever read in a book, everything fit together perfectly in the end.
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    It's Official: Persona 4 Is Getting an Anime

    Oh my god I cannot wait for this. Persona 4 had one of my favorite stories and characters ever!
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    Pokemon Black Lacks Magic

    Before Pokemon Black I had only played Red, Ruby and SoulSilver and I have to say that Black is by far my favorite. A bunch of friends of mine got it and we all chose different starters and I really ended up enjoying it more than I was expecting. Infinite TM's are great, the story was good, the...
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    Poll: the Top expected games of 2011?

    Portal 2 out of those... But also Uncharted 3, InFamous 2, The Last Guardian, and Pokemon Black/White
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    Poll: When Did You Find Out Santa Did Not Exist? *EXTREME SPOILERS*

    Hmmmm, probably when I was around 8 I think... I totally remember finding out in early December and pretending that I still believed so that I could get more presents that Christmas.