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    Morality Matters

    I liked Fable 3's choice. I honestly didn't know what one to pick (mainly because neither one was obviously highlighted as good or evil), and so I spent maybe ten minutes wondering what one to kill. I went with killing the girl in the end, but I did have to think it through. The choice surprised...
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    ModDB Shuts Down School Shooter Mod

    So here we have a game that basically acts as a release mechanism for people who want to go shoot up a school, but are trying to restrain themselves due to their morals or whatever. Let's take that away from them. Leave it pent up inside till they have to kill real children.
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    Minecraft Players Get Blocky Yet Adorable Pet Wolves

    So we're getting wolves now? Oh wait we've had those for like 4 months as a mod.
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    Rumor: Gordon Brown Denied Steve Jobs a Knighthood

    Edit: I removed it because people got banned for posting, just think if someone made an article stating that the President of Ohio Barack Obama... Yeah, that's how stupid. No delete button to delete my post oh well.
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    Disney Buys Kid-Friendly Social Network

    I'm not sure if kids younger than ten need to be engaging in social interactions. What. Just cause it's a different medium is such a silly reason, like not letting them use phones, or letters.
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    Notch Pondering Achievements for Minecraft

    Come on, who cares if people cheat to get achievements? Make all the servers owned by Notch is a bad idea.
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    XBL Indie Dev Clones Minecraft With FortressCraft

    Uh, you know you can get Minecraft to look exactly like that? Simple mod. HD Graphics for the graphics, water, block thing. MineColony if you want minions, etc.
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    Rumor: Rare Suffers Layoffs, Future May Hinge on Kinect Sports 2

    It's 4chan, and also, NOT VIVA PINATA. ;-;
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    Man Arrested After Hooking Up With 13-Year-Old RuneScape Bride

    I understand that, but laws are not absolute. The only reason ageism laws is not because there's some arbitrary line that you suddenly cross to be mature, but because we have no form of test to determine whether someone is mature, and if we did we would lack the resources to test people on an...
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    Man Arrested After Hooking Up With 13-Year-Old RuneScape Bride

    Yeah, I'm of this opinion too. She met him up with him, at least, on three separate occasions (I assume more, since I don't think it's likely they fucked every time). I'm pretty sure she knows how easy it is to get people charged with that kind of thing. If she wanted it to stop she could have...
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    Harry Potter Films to Receive BAFTA Achievement Award

    Agreed, if you want some sort of scope just nip onto Look at all the books and the number of stories written, hit sort by popularity. That's right Now that's not the most accurate mark of length, but it is something. I'm pretty sure...
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    So You Got a Bad Game for Christmas

    That is why you request money only for Christmas. Why let other people buy for you, you know your tastes best.
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    The Big Picture: Nerd Gods

    Well, the internet ate my reply. Basically, never heard that definition. A = not in greek. Atheist, not theist, etc, etc. Deities can be multiple ones, or not actual beings, etc, only reason I say a deity is to save time.
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    The Big Picture: Nerd Gods

    Damn you Bob, I respected you, now you gotta go make the masses think agnosticism is a third choice! If you lack a belief in a deity of some kind then you are not a theist. If you are not a theist, you are an atheist. And that's that. You don't even have to have a belief. Plants are atheists...
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    LoadingReadyRun: Nuts & Bolts

    I shall set up a rival company. United 1.9 cm Wingnuts