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    Linux Namesake Argues In Favor Of Being A Jerk

    I fully embrace undiplomatic language in the office place. I've had 1 way conversations at me, and that I've had with other people. When my boss was being a dick on purpose, I called him a dick and vice versa. For an outsider I'm sure it looks like an extremely abusive, and sometimes violent...
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    ArmA III Enters Beta

    Because some mornings I don't want to get rocketed while I sleep. And if you don't like the concept, then you don't like it. I don't think anyone is going to go any further to convince you that you should like it.
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    The Canadian Front

    Comic is 100% accurate. Proof: And why would the US invade us? I mean Tim Hortins has already invaded Ft. Knox and Afghanistan Captcha: Red White and Blue.... I had to refresh it
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    Chinese Teens Steal Electric Cable to Pay For Games

    If they did 'that much planning' wouldn't they have known which lines where live and which aren't? It is fairly easy to figure out. They are probably at a bigger risk falling off and killing themselves.
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    "YOLO" Has Become the New "LEEEEROY JENKIIIINS"

    I heard someone yell LEROY JENKINS as his battle cry during basic training as we where about to assault a trench. I almost shit myself laughing.
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    Do you speak with an accent?

    A lot of the people I grew up with came from the valley. So I have a little of that accent in me, but only really for certain words. The rest is pretty much neutral.
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    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Cancels Dismemberment DLC

    If it takes out the enemy before he can take you out, who cares? ISAF drops JDAMs, helifires, and excalibur arty rounds on individual insurgents all the time
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    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Cancels Dismemberment DLC

    Yes, but worse. Here is some real life rag doll physics. **NOTE THIS LINK FEATURES GRAPHIC VIOLENCE**
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    Los Angeles Manhunt

    Who needs to go on a 1 man insurgency, when all you have to do is threaten it, and the police start shooting anything that moves. LAPD can be racist, corrupt or what have you, and definitely needs to be looked into. But still hope they catch him and put him down hard for the murderer he is.
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    Military Laser Slices Steel 1km Away

    Target switching shouldn't be a problem as you can just mount the laser to existing C-RAM/Phalanx-esque CIWS system. My bigger interest is if it can take out cruise missiles. Specifically the Chinese hypersonic anti-carrier missile. Mount a one of the new lasers to a carrier, and watch the...
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    Pentagon Bringing Back the Blimp

    The blimp doesn't have to be stealthy, because that isn't it's role. For surveillance in an area where you already have overwhelming air superiority (afghanistan, iraq, any insurgency) Then it's perfectly fine. And with a payload of 60 tons, you can stick one hell of a surveillance package on...
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    Poll: Your opinion on School Uniforms.

    I've seen a lot of variations over my school career. But I didn't mind the uniforms, and there was a bunch of positive aspects. I grew up at an inner city school that had some gang issues. The uniform cut out lots of that because you didn't have any visible gang colors of affiliations...
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    Scientists Developing Tornado Power Plant

    Who needs a dirty bomb when the tornado can fling radioactive debris farther than any bomb? And yes I do know that nuclear reactors are incredibly safe, and that this statement was only one of amusement and should not be taken seriously by anyone
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    Warfighter Work Lands SEALs in Hot Water

    Naval Special Warfare Command / Deputy Commander / Rear Admiral / Garry Bonelli What the command is / His position within it / Rank / Name Good thing the guy isn't the DCO of NORAD or something. That man has like 12 different hats
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    Glenn Beck Claims Murdered EVE Player Was CIA

    ahahahaha goonswarm being CIA. Yes, let's have a front in a gaming community that routinely does nothing but try to infiltrate each others forums, and teamspeak servers. Because that's a good plan.