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    The Mini-NES Can't Go Online, Will Never Get New Games

    Yes I know there are way more games than what comes on the mini-nes, but NONE of them are less than 2 decades+ old and the original system didn't go online. So what I said was 100% actuate. In other words I was making an IRONIC joke. also lol that you would think that Nintendo would support...
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    The Mini-NES Can't Go Online, Will Never Get New Games

    It can't go online and will never get a new game? So basically it is exactly like a regular NES and all of those this are expected and not actually downsides.
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    Walmart Is Getting Into the Graphic Novel Trade

    I used to buy comic books from Walmart when I was kid. I remember riding my bike like 2 miles to the closest Walmart to buy a Batman comic. Apparently sometime in the last 25 years they stopped doing that. Being an adult and considerable wiser now I wouldn't buy comics from Walmart...
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    "YouTube Red" is YouTube's New, Ad-skipping $10-a-Month Premium Service

    Yeah, it is a odd choice for sure. If they had to name it after a color it should have been called YouTube Green since you paying for the privilege of not having to stop to watch ads. Green means go red means stop and apparently porn. :(
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    Is it wrong to hate small children?

    I have six kids and I am going to let you in a secret most parents don't like to talk about. Nobody actually likes the way babies smell all the time. babies stink sometimes..... Babies stink a lot of the time. Nobody actually like that babies get into everything and damn god in heaven can they...
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    Emma Stone Is Spider-Gwen In Amazing Fake Trailer

    Vulture was the major villain in the first Spider-Gwen solo story arch. I would imagine that had a lot more to do with it.
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    Spider-Gwen Returns With New First Issue And Variant Covers

    She is referred to as Spider-woman in the comics. Since there is already a comic series called spider woman using that title for her comic would be a terrible way to make this new book unique and to keep from confusing people. Also the hood is cool looking. Costumes rarely make functional...
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    Poll: Can a game ever make you say "This game should not exist"?

    If someone wants to make a game and someone else wants to buy it then congrats it just met all the qualifications needed to warrant existence. Now that is not to say that there are not game that I don't find appealing and would not play. It definitely doesn't mean that there isn't a game...
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    Netflix Makes Daredevil Accessible to the Blind

    With the help of a friend or family member who is not blind. They are blind not lepers, forever cursed to live alone. Also computers have accessibility programs that help blind people use them. I assume through the use of a Braille keyboard and text to speech software. ------------- Good...
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    "Growing Up"

    Here is the best advice I can give you. If you live your life based on what you believe society or other people think it should be you will never be happy. You will constantly be running after the carrot on the stick always grasping never achieving "adulthood". You don't need a house to be...
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    Wizards and Mages

    It has been my experience that the words are interchangeable and mean the same thing.
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    Jim Sterling and the Mystery of the Missing Review Copy

    I find it a bit unprofessional to complain that you weren't given a free copy of a game in the first place. It doesn't really matter why you didn't get one either. If you feel that not getting a copy was the result of an error, you contact the marketing or PR person responsible for handing...
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    Poll: Would you watch a Peter Jackson adaptation of the Silmarillion?

    I am not even going to bothering answering the poll. Simply put it will never happen. The Tolkien estate still holds all the rights to Everything but LoTR and the Hobbit. Given how much they didn't liked the movies and the legal crap they went through with New Line Cinema I sincerely doubt they...
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    Where Are The D&D Conversion Guides? Delayed For Jury Duty

    It is understanding that the conversion guides will be free. Wizards has a pretty corporate structure where everyone has a specific job that most be done. This usually works really well and allowed them to put out tons of product a year. They rarely if ever mess Release dates for Magic anyways...
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    Poll: "Benevolent Sexism"...Wait, what?!

    I hold doors that I have walked through for the people behind me. Not because they are men or women. I do it because I don't like get hit with closing doors. I extrapolate from there that others also do not like getting hit with closing doors as well. That is not sexism that is empathy.