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    Bethesda Outs Skyrim as Unlimited Dragon Buffet

    Well if they can talk to me I better be able to buy them a drink and take them out to dinner.
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    Anime: Any recommendations for other anime that have a similar emotional impact like Elfen lied?

    Ergo Proxy it's one of my Favorites.
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    Thief 4 Gives Deus Ex the Boot at Eidos Montreal

    You could say Thief 4 STOLE the stage... YEAAAAHHHH!!!!
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    I can do this, I just don't know if I want to take the chance...

    Ok first GET A BAG! After you do that you take a dump in the bag and then put the bag on her front porch or in front of the apartment door. Make sure you light the bag on fire and she'll stomp it out proving that she loves you because she'll put up with any shit you would give her. OR I...
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    Obsidian Does it Again

    Well my companion Veronica just bugged out after her main quest line(just stands in the same spot forever) that was fixable by going to Gibson's shack and downloading the data again although it did certainly ruin the immersion afterwords. I also lost five hours worth of saves before that. My...
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    I'm Looking For Some New Music

    Fourth, I like my ears and you should care for other peoples ears(or they'll never listen to you). Also the last post about Soul Coughing you should try them out. You might remember some of your childhood.
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    Escape to the Movies: The Expendables

    Give me a page that doesn't say the same damn thing. Movie Bob=informative legit reviewer, Yahtzee=Funny guy makes fun of games, Michael Cera=He plays the same guy in every fucking movie.
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    Worst Movie You've Ever Seen

    Oh hi! Don't worry about it!
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    Escape to the Movies: Robin Hood

    I've seen Kingdom of Heavens Directors cut five times and it's still one of my favorite movies next to Gladiator and Troy.
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    Escape to the Movies: Bad Lieutenant

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    Review: Risen

    You do your job well John. I mean really out of all of your reviews I have watched and read this is the ONLY one I disagree to share your point of view with. Animations are truly repetitive, and the jumping is a little awkward. Though I'm happy I can jump more than two feet in the air and I...
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    Anti-Piracy, Rap and the FBI kidnapping you.

    I'm REPORTING all of you so I can get my Million dollar reward!
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode Nine: The Master of The Gamerz

    This is well worth my time. I really enjoy these!
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    Overlord 2

    Ahh... the shortcomings of a critic. (hot sweaty nasty sex)
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    Things you feel are designed to cause the most frustration possible

    You know... "sigh" people that are offtopic.