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    Poll: Attention Idiots on Playstation

    None for me unless I play some FPS online. Sometimes a kid will ask to join him or someone inviting me to a tournament by a person I haven't even played, but that's the only spam I get. I know women/girls don't do this to me, they just either ***** at me during games or have fun but move on...
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    "What's going on.." is fake

    It doesn't matter if he was lying. Why? It's because he's speaking out to those people that have considered of committing suicide. I've somewhat been there but never thought that suicide was an option but enough to feel the pain he expressed in the first video. My solution, for me at least, is...
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    How many times have you got your ipod/pad completely replaced

    Once. But that was because it was stolen. I never had problems with my ipods. I've had a first gen nano and it still works because my friend, who I gave it to, still uses it. All have great battery life. The nano still last 10 hours on max volume and with constant use. My iPhone 4 will last...
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    Convince me to buy Skyrim... er, I mean Oblivion

    Just wait for Skyrim. Oblivion is waaaaaaaay worst than FO3. What FO3 did right where oblivion did wrong was improved in Skyrim. The magic is useful now. The characters seem to have a more organic feel. Plus there's dragons! Just be patient.
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    Poll: Do you consider yourself to be lazy?

    I do because the only thing that makes me do anything is from other people. Whether it's from people forcing me to or I don't want to disappoint the people I care about.
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    Have recent games really been so disappointing?

    It's probably because the majority of the population that buy COD probably never played any games others than the super hyped game, especially COD. I know kids that have had their parents by their systems for them and their first and probably only games game is either COD or Halo. My mom even...
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    Have recent games really been so disappointing?

    I love Battlefield 3, Arkham City, Forza 4, Rage, Gears 3 (I actually thought I wouldn't because I think the series was mediocre), etc. I've only been disappointed when the info they tell you makes you think it's a different game than it really is. I actually think Battlefield 3's multiplayer...
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    Poll: Go Big or GO HOME

    Since I live home and go to school I usually play maybe on 3-4 days of the week, 3-5 hrs a day if I'm lucky. Sometimes less because I have to work on a project or study for a test or it's Sunday Football... During breaks/summer, I put in about the same with some slight changes because I...
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    Poll: Favorite hair color?

    I could care less, my hair is a very dark brown (can be black at times for some reason). But I am physically attracted to blonde (darker blonde like dirty, beach blonde looks ugly to me) milky brown, red-ish dark brown/black dyed hair) women the most. I don't care if hair is dyed or not as long...
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    Battlefield 3's single player does not suck

    The SP could been better if it felt more like MP where you had to take over objectives as well and let you have an option of using vehicles instead of being forced all the time. Of course there are times where need vehicles but that's just part of the experience. And they should have used MP...
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    I'm gonna be alternating between this and BF3 when it's released... My GPA is gonna drop... There goes my means of goin to good 4 year school that has my degree
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    Skyrim for the PS3

    I hope they do what BF3 is going to do and put a texture pack on a separate disc to install to your HD
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    Skyrim for the PS3

    I'd say it's kinda sketchy for both PS3 and 360. PS3 mainly for what you have said and being alot more glitches. But it's weird how they fit it on one disc for the 360 when Rage is 3 disc as well as L.A. Noire. I expect it to look only mildly improved on the 360 when compared to the PC increased...
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    Your most common writting errors.

    I would repeat words or phrases as well but I would sometimes do it in a row such as " as long as long as" mainly because I stop when I write the first bit, think for some dumb-ass reason sometimes, then continue what I was writing. I would also, only while typing, sometimes write way to fast...
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    So Whats your second favorite animal?

    1. Humans (see what I did there?) 2. bulls (I have a tattoo of one on my left upper arm, close to the shoulder) 3. dogs/wolves 4. bears