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    League of Legends Tournament: LGBT Players Have "Unfair Advantage" - Update

    Quoted for truth. It does make sense they would want to do something like this. OT: I don't get why the term LBGT is used. Because the term is too broad for a female only competition. I get that they're trying to root out the guys claiming to identify as female (because people can lie for...
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    Tekken 7 Character Excluded From U.S. Release After Negative Feedback

    Hahahahaha, that's quite amazing. Oh you don't want my character? Welp, I guess it's extra content for everyone else but you now!
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    My daughter is named Tali'Zorah. I suppose I'm crazy : )

    Not always. But it's the difference between: ''Wow I really like this name a character has, let's name our kid that'' to ''Wow I really like this game, let's name our kid a character from this and have that be the only reason.'' This is so that when people ask you can honestly answer ''We...
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    You Have Been Transported to the Universe of Happy Tree Friends For A Week, How Do You Survive?

    You'd cut your finger while opening the bottle. The seal of the bottle jumps into your eye. And when you try to drink, the bottle will get lodged in your throat. To summarize: 1. Bleeding out 2. Infection 3. Drowning In the world of the happy tree friends, it's not life that finds a...
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    Judge Refuses To Dismiss League of Legends Terrorist Threat Case

    This kid aside. How come school shootings are such a popular thing to do in the U.S? I just don't get it.
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    My daughter is named Tali'Zorah. I suppose I'm crazy : )

    I don't see why not. There are enough people choosing names from books or movies. Why not from a game? My reason for being totally ok with this stems mostly from your reason: ''My wife fell in love with the name'' Instead of ''My wife fell in love with the game'' Big difference. Either...
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    Poll: Would you take a pill that makes you bisexual?

    I would not. Just because I'm too scared of how my life will change. I can see the upside of having more partners available. But still I wouldn't change myself.
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    Poll: Pokemon Generations

    Screw the polls! Pokemon Colosseum and Gale of Darkness were the best pokemon games ever! That said, I had over 600 hours on pokemon Blue. Had a lot of fun with SoulSilver last year aswell. I'm gonna call that the second gen even though I never really played the original second gen. So...
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    Your favorite named weapon

    Agni & Rudra are the most badass weapons ever. Twin blades of Fire and Wind. I was so happy when I saw them in DMC 3 because I figured that if I beat them, I would get those swords. I was right.
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    I don't understand tipping culture...

    I usually tip something. Reasons when I do not tip: 1. The food sucked. 2. I generally did not like the person waiting(Not sure if that is how you spell it) me. 3. I am broke. It's usually number 1. I come from The Netherlands by the way and people only seem to tip here when they...
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    Coen Brothers Refuse To Film Big Lebowski Sequel

    Excellent, I really liked the movie. I can't imagine why anyone would want a sequel to that movie though. I just really liked the character. Let the dude have his mysteries. Oh and the Coen brothers should have responded with: ''Yeah, well. Y'know, that's just like uuhh...your opinion...
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    Do you ever just...not care?

    I don't care at all most off the time. That said, I am not that much into gaming anymore. I don't make the time for it anymore. But, the games I do end up caring about are usually the ones that I suspected of being terrible. Like Okami, Kingdom Hearts and the new Devil May Cry. Fantastic...
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    Final Fantasy VIII Getting High-Res PC Release

    XII still looks pretty good in my opinion. But it would be pretty cool.
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    Is ganking girl gamers a bad thing?

    If someone wants to kill you in a PvP server, his reasons/morals do not matter. He has the right to murder you, because you chose to be there. And let's not even look at the gender. What happened here was that a Horde/Alliance member killed an Alliance/Horde member. That's it. If...
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    How do you defeat a mini Minotaur?

    Many many minotaur-taurs hate Tar Tar Sauce. They're deathly allergic to Tar Tar Sauce!