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    The Escapist Redesign

    Honestly? I rather dislike it. It runs more sluggishly than the old one, feels empty and somehow manages to be cluttered all at once. One more addition to the list of sites that have made major overhauls to negative overall effect. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    If you could ask a Developer anything, what would it be?

    I don't know anything about the DA2 end of that, but I'm pretty sure that both the ME2 and ME3 decision were fundamentally ours. We'd investigated multiplayer during ME 1's development but shelved it at the time for a number of reasons that aren't my business to disclose. Just saying. =)
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    Your recent experiences ------ in haiku

    A nap on Thursday Leads to weak immune response Curse you, vile illness
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    Kinect Sells Terribly in Japan

    News flash: Kinect fails to sell in country with very limited space on a per-living-quarters basis. Big surprise.
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    Bewbs on Deviantart

    Oh hey, look, I found your problem. It's DeviantArt. I used to post a lot of material there until I realized how utterly pointless the site really was.
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    So I'm in this three way relationship

    You've honestly never heard of an open relationship before? What rock have you been living under? I wouldn't call it common but it's far from rare.
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    Irony: anyone else confused? actually provides a good example. the irony of her reply, ?How nice!? when I said I had to work all weekend. On "her" end, it's sarcasm. On "his" end, the words are ironic. It's a matter of perspective. The two go hand-in-hand.
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    Poll: Toronto School Bans Hard Balls - Do You Agree?

    Try teaching kids not to be stupid instead. It'll be more useful in the long run.
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    Square-Enix Revs Up with Unreal Engine

    I was under the impression that they'd already delved into Unreal 3 with Last Remnant, and it suffered horribly for it. They had no grasp of how to actually use the engine effectively.
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    The worst save. Ever. Of all time.

    Call of Duty 2 once checkpointed me in a tiny room with a grenade flying through an open window into my face, right before several guys come rampaging up the stairs, guns blazing. It took a number of tries before I was able to not only survive the grenade, but the follow-up guys that would come...
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    I am absolutely flabbergasted

    Research supposedly shows that each generation is fundamentally more intelligent than the last, crime is at an all-time low (U.S.) and the Internet has increased the flow of information drastically. As an unfortunate side effect, the Internet has also allowed us to pool all of our horrifying...
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    The Gamecube is turning 10 on Nov 18th

    Eternal Darkness was easily my favorite game on that system. I'm actually re-playing it right now.
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    The Real Deal on Zero Punctuation

    Yahtzee is a comedian, not a reviewer. It's that simple.
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    Favorite Easter Eggs in games?

    Being able to dance with the Volus bartender in the Flux in Mass Effect 1.
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    Poll: GOTY predictions (now that everything worthwhile has come out.)

    Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'm enjoying Uncharted 3 a fair bit, though I don't believe it's quite as good as the second title was.