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    does anyone know where i can buy...?

    hello i am trying to find a copy of "on the way to a smile" a book about the characters of final fantasy 7. i cant find where to buy an english copy of the book can anyone help?
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    gaming clothing?

    does anyone know where i can get some cool video game clothing,specificlly the assassins creed hoddy with the red trim in the hood? been trying to find it for ages
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    Baffling Comparison Places Kindergarten Cop In Silent Hill

    my mind has just be blown
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    Zombie apocalypse, you can only defend yourself with the last weapon you used in a video game!

    mmmmmm hidden blade and hookblade from assassins creed revilations.......well i'm screwed
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    Video game music, where can i find it?

    right i wanted to get some video game music for my ipod but have no idea where i can get some, the thing i used for downloading songs from youtube dosint work anymore so can anyone help me out?
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    Poll: Do you believe that Japanese developers should cater more towards the west?

    if the Japanese where to make games more like the west then the world of gaming as we know it will fade into dust and die, i live in scotland and i know for a fact that games from the east are so much better than the west
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    Best game boy/ game boy advance RPGs

    i have tried golden sun for about 20 minutes and i'm not really sold on it :/ i know thats an unfair chance at it and i will play it more but i shall try something else in the mean time
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    Best game boy/ game boy advance RPGs

    thanks for the suggestions, i have FF1 and 2 for the ipod (oddly the better graphics of all the ports 0_0) i loved ff1 but ff2 i never finished cos it bored the hell out of me. one game comes to mind not sure if it is an rpg but i remember seeing an advert of it but never the name, it was a game...
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    Best game boy/ game boy advance RPGs

    can someone suggest to me some good rpg's that i could play, one where i can make my own characters like you can have like a warrior, mage, etc etc i dont like rpg's where i am restricted to the game telling me what classes i get. can anyone help?
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    Best DS games

    cheers biy :)
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    Best DS games

    Hello, i'm looking for some good DS games to play all the ones i have are crap :S your help would be well appreciated :>
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    Resident Evil Nostalgia Blast Incoming

    i wish that if they re-release the resident evil games that you said are for PS2 they put out on xbox live or psn cos i never had a ps2 and always wanted to play resi 2-3
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    My Xbox dyed and i need your help.

    just going to buy a new one :/
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    My Xbox dyed and i need your help.

    Right my 360 has gotten the red ring of death, 3 lights on it. now i looked on the xbox web site and they can fix it for like £100 to fix cos the warranty ran out in 2007, now i have been told that because i got a red ring of death i can get it fixed for free? my mate told me that if its first...
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    A new Free PC game recommendations

    no cash man no cash, hence the free pc game :P but nay worries cheers for the info though