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    Trailers: Dust 514

    More like dumb grunts to be paid chips.
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    GOG Denies New Policy Circumvents Australian Censorship of Witcher 2

    Live in Australia, and I constantly fuck around with VPN's on Steam just to save on price - but this here is beaut.
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    EVE Online Geniuses Blow Up Six Years of Game Time

    "From the Department of Not Too Smooth" "an apparent plan to swipe" Are you fucking shitting me? You blow something up, the drop is random. The fact of the matter is, THEY BLEW IT UP! If it drops, awesome! If it doesn't, bugger, but hey! Their loss, not mine! I mean, sure, highsec...
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    Science Says Pro Gamers Aren't Athletes

    Best fist post I've seen in this place
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    Police Investigate Another Habbo Virtual Theft

    Its an economics simulator mate; all about the ISK, and if somebody wants to buy ISK with the USD? it doesn?t destroy the game, it IS the game. The developers also work pretty hard at stamping out Real Money Traders, Chinese ISK Farmers disappear in waves once every few months, and the price...
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    Police Investigate Another Habbo Virtual Theft

    Real or not it has a monetary value, which makes it real in the eyes of the law. Technically, going by current exchange rates, I have personally been involved in the destruction of over $20,000 US worth of imaginary internet spaceship property while playing Eve, which to be honest is fucking...
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    EVE Online Developer Seeks Player Help With Lag Issues

    500? A more desirable number would be 1,000 with a nice, big brawl, hopefully the fix will resolve this shit:
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    Bungie "Not Concerned" About Infinity Ward Debacle

    Chalk up another one to "calling it now" I bet 5 years.
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    InstantAction CEO Says Retailers "Horribly Abuse" the Industry

    While we are talking about abuse, where the fuck is my Play Tribes louie?
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    Valve Becomes the New March Mayhem: Developer's Showdown Champion

    Much as I love valve, Bioware deserved it this time round. Well, at least Blizzard didn't get it.
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    Magazine Editor Claims Rockstar Got Him Fired

    Lol Zoo. EDIT: To elaborate, Zoo is a lads mag. Its a few steps away from being soft-core porn, and nobody reads it for the articles.
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    Game People Calling: The Games That Hurt

    I played Tribes for 10 years. I'm pretty sure that I and those few dozen left of millions win this whole hurt thing.
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    Activision Confirms Call of Duty's Move to Dead Space Devs

    Ahahahhahahaha History repeats itself.
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    Rumor: Security Locks Down Infinity Ward, Ousts Studio Head *UPDATE*

    I am in no way, shape or form surprised, Activison/Vivendi have been pulling this shit for years. I have not bought a single one of their games since 2004, and I am fucking proud of it.
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    Study: Nearly One in Ten Gamers Shows Signs of Addiction

    I got up to Nepean Hospital before I stopped taking it seriously.