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    Take-Two CEO Says the Company is Under-Monetizing its Users

    DLC that is just cosmetic, or DLC storylines that take nothing from the base game are fine by me. I can buy them or not as I choose, and they have no effect on the actual single player game play. It's only when they add DLC that changes the way the base game plays that I start to have...
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    Paradox Will Publish Harebrained Schemes' Battletech Game When it Launches Later this Year

    I'm looking forward to this game, now that I know about it. I've been a fan of Battletech since the very beginning, but was never thrilled by the video games. Battletech as a turn based strategy game will more accurately capture the feel of the tabletop game of old.
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    PETA is Angry that Nintendo Turned Cow Milking into a 1-2-Switch Game

    PETA has become a bad parody of themselves by this point. They are the poster children for the rabid, uneducated, SJW stereotype. Their extremism does themselves and other social activists no favors, drowning more sensible ideas with exaggerated rhetoric.
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    Nintendo: Switch Smartphone App "An Elegant Solution" To Bulky Gamer Headsets

    Every announcement about the Switch and its features and functions makes me less and less interested in the system. This particular statement, though... did he even listen to himself as he spouted this nonsense? This sounds like one of the most contrived and awkward rationalizations for a bad...
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    Bethesda: No More Remasters in the Elder Scrolls Series

    Personally, I loved Morrowind, and still consider it to be the best RPG in the Elder Scrolls series (Oblivion and Skyrim had better action, and were the better Action RPG's). If it were to be remastered, I'd be all over it, but I doubt that Bethesda would find sales nearly as high as the...
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    Dungeons & Dragons Finally Inducted Into the Toy Hall of Fame This Year

    I was given soooo many tracts by well meaning relatives and the parents of friends about "satanism and D&D" in the 80's. Even as late as 1990, I would still be told cautionary tales of the evils of "Satan's game" while I was in college. This is one of the reasons I don't believe anything...
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    Fallout 4 Mods are Finally Coming to PlayStation 4 This Month

    Can't really consider this to be serious modding if you can't add your own textures and other outside resources. Hardly even worth the bother, really.
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    Fallout 4 Mods Are Finally Coming to PS4 With Restrictions

    Bethesda should have held firm on this. They should have just said "We can't put mods on the PS4 properly, it's Sony's fault, here's the email, address and phone number of the guy responsible." Then sit back and watch the fun. Publish updates to the contact information as needed.
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    Report: Red Dead Redemption Remastered Coming to PC, PS4

    This is one game I'd like to see a remaster of, if only so that I can play it on my current console. In my opinion, this was one of the best games ever made, much less the best game on the PS3, and if any game deserves a remaster to current gen consoles, this is the one.
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    Congressman's Credit Card Bought Over $1300 of Steam Games

    Whether he actually used campaign dollars for this or not (and compared to the way some politicians have abused campaign money in the past, this is barely worth a glance), I'd vote for him just because he vapes. Be nice to have a few friends to the vaping industry in office to try to slap the...
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    Solar Farm Rejected For Fear of Too Much Energy Sucking

    You just can't make this kind of shit up, you really can't. I wish I could say that I don't believe that people could be so mind-bogglingly stupid, but I can't. And the woman was a former teacher, of science no less? Did I read that right? I weep for the poor, under-educated children that...
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    Dungeon Keeper Ads Misleading, Concludes UK Advertising Watchdog

    If EA really wants to make a game that would appeal to the old players of Dungeon Keeper, why don't they just make a real new Dungeon Keeper? Not a free to play version, but an actual game? Given its popularity of old, I think they'd have no trouble marketing such a game to new and old...
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    Pathfinder Boss Details Plans to Combat Dungeons & Dragons Next

    I'd say the two methods are about equally accurate. Given the Paizo subscription service and their heavy use of PDF's, I'd suspect that they get a LOT of their sales online, directly to them. Retailers, while an important part of the supply chain, aren't nearly as relevant for tracking...
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    New EU Law Forces All Cellphone Chargers to Share Common Standard

    Often, when a case is in court challenging a law, a good lawyer or legal team (and Apple has the best, no doubt about it) can get the law put on hold while the case progresses. especially if they can demonstrate that complying with the law will be expensive. After all, no sense challenging a...
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    New EU Law Forces All Cellphone Chargers to Share Common Standard

    Which means they will wait for the law to almost come into force, then challenge it. The challenges to the law will drag on for years and years, and when they lose the challenge, they'll find some other grounds to refuse to cooperate. In the end, by the time Apple is actually force to do...