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    So, now that the honeymoon period is over... (Skyrim thread)

    My biggest problem was that: for me roleplaying did not work for exampel I was playing as Khatiji...ehhm, cat-thingy and I meet an other one (the bunch outside the first major city in the main quest) and one of the question options to the trader was..."how's your homeland" (or something like...
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    Do you have respect?

    me too :D but to the topic, Nope, I don't do any of those things hell I even try to fold back the cloths I brows...but I suck at it so there is always some there after me refolding them.
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    Poll: Could you stay with someone who hates what you're passionate for?

    I would not be abel to have a relationship with someone that hates my passions. It would be fine with a small disslike but hating my passions...Oh,hell no! How can you even hate food and art ??
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    You learn something new every post.

    The people that knows Japanese most often know this and the people that dose not know this often has no intrest in Japan,so it's just a simpel spelling misstake.Anyway to topic, I belive/think that it is Finnish that have an actully word for "grammar nazi" Will Edit this when I find the site...
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    Poll: Do you have any Escapist 'Friends'

    Friends ?...nope dose not ring a bell maybe because I'm not that active in the forums because...well I like games but I'm also not rich and dowloading them is a tad bit...well in my moral grey area. Hell,Friends in gen...*cries in corner*...Damn,me perfect looks, making others to blined by me...
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    You learn something new every post.

    Actully thats not true. Every time I go to the train station I see at least one person crossing the strets when it's red...Alright it's often during the 5 sec before it turns green but still. Also if it's no car in sight for a while crossing the street is no problem or maybe that old man is a...
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    Your Fastest Speed Run of a Game

    uhhm...I think Mirrors edge (3-4 hours) first time...I borrowed it from a friend and when I got home I instalde it and then *poff* done. But I actully play games kinda slow
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    Lets See what our Preceptions are! AKA how racist is the escapist

    Reaction: 1.The colur ? or skintone? but then agian choclate might also be called black as in black choclate...I want choclate. 2.Latino ? like south american ? spanish desendence ? I don't really understand what Latino is...wait, Jersy shore ? no,that cop from CSI:mami...I like him he's...
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    Poll: Why do people hate others?

    Hating things or others are most often justified, you don't wake up one day and say " I hate X". The felling of hate is not something that just appears but is slowly growing stronger. In the exampel of murder given then that is murder, wich is quite logical to hate. Maybe not harm the...
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    Things you find woefully unfunny, but other people like.

    I have stoped watching TV now a days I only watch the news other than that it's boring comercials and even worse shows and laughtraks should be killed in a fire...burn the shit. Jackass and shows like it,Sienfield,Toilet humor...well,sometimes it's fine but sometimes it just makes me...
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    Poll: Would you have sex with the opposite gender version of yourself?

    I will interperate this as a female dubellgandfeasfda...uhmm that thing according to something that somewhere someone looks like you. Or to be simpel not a female clone wich means that she will not have the same genetic matterial as me. Just look like a female version of me, and have simmilar...
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    The "I'm awesome, feel-goody and lollipops* thread"

    Well,I was kinda a modell at...kinda a fashion show during Saturday and yeasterday a took a run next to the beach (2,4Km)...True Story.
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    Well, why did you pick your username?

    ...I like appels and I like flowers so it's just the latin name for flowers that turn into appels or something like that...Just google the shit
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    How "with it" are you?

    I have facebook. Thats it. Because if its something important I will read about it on the news and if I whant to talk to someone about there day...I will ask them. Only reason I even have facebook is because...I do not know, maybe to remember my forgien friends names...I sound like an ass...
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    Questions you hate being asked

    I hate all questions that involve a name of any kind because I have a horribal memorie for names ( I could forget my own name). Also questions about what I do on my free time, because I never know. I might diced to take a walk or just sleep...I do not plan trivial things a head. Almost...