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    Sherlock Season 3 US Premiere Date Revealed

    Kinda put a spoiler in the article. "How he survived the fall". Looking forward to this, can't wait!
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    Sony Made Console Version of Elder Scrolls Online Happen

    For anybody who's worrying, Zenimax already stated that the UI for PC is different to the UI for the consoles. I'm hoping for some huge discounts on the subscription fee. Buy a year of membership for half price...$15 isn't my cup of tea. To quench my thirst for an mmo I think I'll be playing...
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    Sony Demands Cash For PlayStation 4 Online Play

    I was silly and was mislead by the title, I thought it was essentially saying that Playstation Plus would not allow you to pay by credit card (sony demands cash)and only by going into a retailer and buying a card with a code to enter. On topic I have no problem with this. As a current 360...
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    Poll: I've got a Bad Feeling about CoD: Ghosts...

    With more gimmicky crap like dogs then I don't see how the franchise will last. They will probably squeeze out one or two games before they realise they need to either renew or quit entirely. I won't be buying it, all my gaming friends specifically said they won't be buying it; I don't see how...
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    Update: Xbox One To Take Cut With Every Pre-Owned Sale

    I think I'm going to ignore every bit of information I hear about the Xbox One until Microsoft confirms it at E3 or in a direct address to the consumers. If it's as bad as I hear then I'll apply to join the PC master race.
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    Update: Elder Scrolls Online May Have Day One Vulnerability

    This one is a little silly. While there's a miniscule, minute chance the code is still there, there's also a good chance Zenimax saw it and patched it or they see articles like this, check it over if it's there they patch it if it's not they don't need to worry. I feel like they're smart...
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    Adam Orth Resigns Following Always-Online Twitter Comments

    With any luck this will open Microsoft's eyes when they realise that nobody wants an always online console.
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    Poll: How do rich people become rich in the first place?

    1. Right place, right time. 2. Inheritance 3. Innovative (some might call this lucky) 4. Good with stocks...reallll good. 5. Literally lucky....won a butt ton of money at a casino :p
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    EA, Microsoft, and Zynga Oppose Defense of Marriage Act

    Good to see this sort of thing. Yay for EA, Microsoft and Zynga :D
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    Say One Thing About The Country You Live In

    Canada (used to live in England) Everyone is reallly nice, eh? negative thing: Canada's internet is awful, the rates are ridiculous and the speed is staggeringly bad. (this is of course in comparison to U.S. or UK or pretty much anywhere in the world, the CEO (i think was his title) of...
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    Escape to the Movies: Warm Bodies

    I saw this just today...Didn't even comment on the romeo and juliet thing? or was it too obvious? Pretty good movie for a romance/horror/drama, there were a few things made made no sense to me but nothing that jepardises the plot.
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    So I'm after an MMO

    elder scrolls clposed beta just started, you could wait until the open beta is released? runescape is pretty fun
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    The Big Picture: Is The Hobbit Too Long?

    Meh, I've seen it two times now, not once was I bored or fidgety during the run time of the movie. Great movie, looking forward to the next instalments :D
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    Temple Run 2 Hits 20 Million Downloads in Four Days

    bunch of my friends have it already, I didn't get the first one, not gonna get this one. It looks like good fun but I don't want to spend however much it is on something I won't play much once another game like it comes along; of course I'll re-apply the same idea over and over though :D
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    Which development company do you still trust and admire?

    Still got my love for Gearbox, Valve, no no, Infinit-- nevermind. Gearbox and Valve <3