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    Girlfriend Zone!

    I realize the post was satire, but this happens to me every now and then. And it sucks, because you don't want to hurt their feelings, but you really do just see them as a friend.
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    I REALLY Want to Like You!

    Dead Island and Pokemon Yellow/Ruby/Black/Etc. I love me a zombie game, but Dead Island honestly...bored me. There was SO MUCH potential! And Pokemon...I liked the show, liked the card game, but the game? Just grinding. And grinding. Forever. Eventually I just said "WHY AM I DOING THIS?" and put...
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    Poll: Do you sing in your car?

    Always. The way I knew my boyfriend was a keeper was the first time we drove together, we both belted out the same songs on the radio, and neither of us batted an eye.
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    Words that gamers use that make you CRINGE!

    I really don't like "girl gamer." The word gamer doesn't bother me so much, but having to qualify it bothers me. I play games, just like the rest of you. Why does it matter that I'm a girl. Also, all the nonsense I get when I speak up online is annoying. "Make me a sandwich," "Tits or GTFO,"...
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    Poll: Who buys the condoms?

    I always keep some in my purse. I am a woman of the 21st century, thank you very much. I think it should be a equal-responsibility type thing, especially if you do as I do and have a few friends with benefits. In a relationship, however, I think if you both get tested and come back clean, the...
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    Why Do YOU Buy Used?

    Just like many others, for me, it's the price. They work just as well, so why pay more? I mainly only pay full price if I'm getting the game the day it comes out.
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    Holy crap, folks...this one's a doozy...

    The girl is only seven? I don't think she's able to make those kind of choices. I say some kind of open adoption situation, where the mother can still see and get to know her daughter, but she stays with the family that's been raising her.
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    What's the oldest game you can still enjoy today?

    Solitaire and Minesweeper. I've loved them forever.
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    Poll: Would you miss cinemas if they were gone?

    I love seeing movies in theaters. Not just the film itself, but the experience. Especially when you're catching a midnight premiere. There's an instant camaraderie there.
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    My Little Name Game

    Luke bears a striking resemblance to Rapidash. And of course Alix is adorable.
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    Poll: Would you press the button

    I have a couple of questions. A. Will I know what the button will do if I press it? And B) It'll be like the people who disappear never existed, right? So nobody would have any memories of them? Of course, if I knew what it was going to do, there's no way I would press the button. I do okay...
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    Ocarina of Time/ Favorite Zelda Game

    I loved OoT, but you're allowed to have not played it. That doesn't piss me off. I just think you missed out is all. It's definitely worth playing today. Hell, I bought a 3DS for that very reason. I really enjoyed Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Awakening as well. I also really liked Skyward...
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    I like Call Of Duty

    You're free to like what you want, you know. There's no law against it. CoD's fine for what people expect it to be. It's a war game. My main issue is with Black Ops. You said you like MGS. I do too. I love stealth games. And I thought a game with "Black Ops" in the title would include a good...
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    Escape to the Movies: Raven

    He's saving his excitement for this week's Avengers review, methinks. OT: I didn't really have any interest in this because of the rewriting of history. It's the same reason I refused to see Anonymous. So thank you for verifying my decision.
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    how will it end?

    From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire.