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    Help For a Budding DM: How can I tame my players?

    By punishing them for screwing up. That's about it, it's what my old DM did. Worked fine, even if our barbarian was unconcious half the time.
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    Alright you sick freaks its time to confess you most loved evil momment in gaming.

    There's this 1 side quest in Fallout new vegas that involves being a sort of 'matchmaker'. Shortly after completing this quest, I watch the two hug and talk for about a minute, before I murder them both with a fire axe. And mutilate the bodies. Followed by cannibalism.
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    Poll: How do you think the world will end?

    50% agree with me in saying that humans are strangely suicidal creatures.
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    Your philosophy on life, the universe, and everything. (in 10 words or less)

    It's my life, I'll do whatever I damn well please!
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    Oblivion: Was this a disappointment to anyone else?

    My main problem was that it had absolutely no incentive to me for exploration. I spent 40 hours in fallout Nv, and 110 hours in fallout 3 exploring everything and collecting stuff. Oblivion, T tried, and the lure of dungeon crawling was good at first. Then I realized that the enemies were...
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    Poll: Are you weird?

    Hmm... I talk to myself constantly, kinda have a second personality, intense morbid fascination, I sketch pictures of maimed bodies or creeps from my own mind, I have this odd paranoia of everything ending in the worst way possible, sometimes when I get really frustrated I start giggling...
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    Poll: How often do you think about Death?

    Odd question. Uh, think about it alot more than a teen probably should, but I'm freakin paranoid of everything ending in the worst possible way. Plane rides are fun!
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    What is your "That Book"?

    Most of R.A. Salvatores stuff. And the Necronomicon.
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    Have you left WoW and if so why.

    After a few years, it got a little old. Asides from that, my guild sucked and disbanded to play rift, gearscore was more important than having common sense or intelligence, and I really needed a fresh start cause my server was terrible.
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    Strangest Reasons You Stopped Playing a Game

    Stalker, shadow of chernobyl. Stopped playing cause the map pissed me off.
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    How long does it take you to read a book?

    I tend to drift off sometimes too, but if the book can get my attention it will be done in a day or two, unless it breaches the 800 page count.
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    Poll: What kind of child were you growing up?

    I was both the quiet kid, and the voice of reason to my friends. Also, I had a tendency to test things until they break. Not scientifically, but out of curiosity.
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    would you say this is wrong

    On the basis that red bull is disgusting for me, yeah that's wrong. Otherwise, when I was a kid I used to burn toothpicks for fun. Can't really say anything against energy drink drinking.
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    Poll: Gentlemen, what is the farthest you have gone with a women?

    My excuse is lack of effort. Really, if a metaphorical pitcher were to throw me a metaphorical ball, I would be asleep 2 miles in the other direction.
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    You know Video Games have ruined you when...

    When you watch a zombie film, pointing out to everyone who listens how you would do it.