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    Imitation is the Sincerest Form

    What I don't understand here is the difference between this fan made game and the hentai/manga made by fans of a genre extending the the IP's fiction. For example, I'm almost sure there has been a manga made at some point since the release of Chrono Trigger that has Chrono and Lucca doing the...
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    194: The Lost Years

    While I shy away from calling gaming an addiction, I do understand how it feels like you can lose parts of your life to gaming. It's why I adamantly refuse to take on any MMO, because at least with non MMO games I can step away any time I want to and go back into the "real" world with no...
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    189: ¡VIVA LA R3V0LUC10N!

    Haha. Good stuff. I love the last bit where he flames just about everyone he can lay his hands on, and it was funny despite hitting home. Terrific satire right there.
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    189: A Nation of Pirates

    Interesting article. I find it a good counterpoint to my own article or maybe half a year ago, where I argued that publishers need to compete with pirates if they want to see any profit or if they want to truly stamp out piracy. The truth is that you cannot ignore the economic conditions of...
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    176: Global Games, Local Perspectives

    Great article. I pitched a similar idea recently, and I guess this is why it wasn't considered. :P I think you'll start seeing more interesting games, or at least games that speak to you once the distribution networks start become more localized. In the same way that Bollywood makes movies...
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    168: The New Social Lubricant?

    Interesting article. Almost makes me wish I was a bit younger. It'd sure as hell be a lot easier to pick up chicks these days.
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    160: Mario Golf as Foreplay

    I think that it isn't so much that gamers need to take their games less seriously, but that they need to find girls who either take the games just as seriously, or have enough of a life that they can appreciate gaming as a hobby, even if they don't like it all that much. Personally there was...
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    159: Fragging in the (Un)Lucky Country

    Great article. There are some interesting parallels between the the professional gaming circuit in Australia and in the Philippines. I'd go so far to say as we probably have it worse off, but I only get to say that since we're a third world country. I think one of the biggest problems with...
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    159: A Site To Call My Own

    Actually, a dollar an hour is below minimum wage in many third world countries, and certainly not something you could retire comfortably on. :)
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    158: Piracy and the Underground Economy

    Friedkamote, I think your problem here is that you're using yourself as the basis for the average gamer (yes, I am making the assumption that you are a gamer who lives with your parents and doesn't pay the rent or utilities and basically only has to provide for his own luxuries, ie games), or...
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    158: Piracy and the Underground Economy

    Of course my estimates are flawed, I'm a fricking game artist for chrissakes, not an economist. My numbers weren't meant to be taken as gospel, but to provide a sense of perspective. It still remains true that to the Filipino that earns $3400 a year, buying a 60 dollar game would feel the same...
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    158: Stars and Squares

    This definitely got my attention. I just downloaded the game and am excited to try it out!
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    158: Piracy and the Underground Economy

    Hey, can I get some of that credit? Or sarcasm, as the case my be. I jest. Thanks for all the well thought out comments guys, I think I'm starting to see some of the weaknesses in the article now. If ever I do talk about this idea in detail once again, I need to make the distinction between...
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    158: Piracy and the Underground Economy

    Thanks for validating the article muzz. That's all I want really, for a proper conversation to be had. Ultimately we all know that the big publishers and companies would never even consider this idea. However there exists a unique opportunity for local game developers working in these areas...
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    158: Piracy and the Underground Economy

    Haha, off topic but I remember only buying pirated copies for the PS1, and I ended up having TONS of games, both good and total shit, and I finished maybe 10 of them. 10 out of literally hundreds of games. I'd end up trying them for a few hours and then moing on the the next game right away...