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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    all i can think of when it comes to monster training are digimon and monster rancher
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    sounds like citizen kabuto?
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    sounds like citizen kabuto?
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    Favorite Weapons in media

    the railway rifle from fallout 3 power full effective fun it fires railway spikes that impale it has a train like woo woo when it fires and a microwave ding when its ready for another shot. only complaint was due to bugs before it was patched it would freeze the game every time you fired...
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    Ready For A Giant Robot Duel? Japan Accepts America's Challenge

    any chance Britain could whip together a mecha to get in on this? good old fashioned British engineering and innovation has to be worth something. and we had Knights so fighting inside a metal suit is nothing new so style it after a knight give it a sword (axe / warhammer / pike etc etc) and a...
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    Report: Studio Ghibli May Be Shutting Down - Update

    a sad day a very sad day ... <--- a short post a very short post but also a very true one.
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    What is your favorite science fiction ship?

    so many to choose from hmm Id go with Ragnarok from ff8 if I had to choose. but as others have mentioned Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi or White stars from Babylon 5 are also cool.
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    Zelda Director Vows to Cut Down on Tutorials

    could not agree more I mean I don't hate Fi as a character but bloody hell a lot of the time she just repeats stuff you all ready know or were shown/told all ready. why do they even bother giving you the option to ask her for advice if they just shove it in your face right away?.
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    The Big Picture: Link Be A Lady

    I'm all for the idea I say go for it and considering people thought the new link was female they probably wouldn't have to change much if anything that they've made so far. or have this "link" actually be zelda and your playing as her this time either way works for me.
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    Poll: Would You Rather - Superpowers

    given your limitations I say flying but if teleporting only to open fields (or places like that) eliminates its downside then I go for that instead.
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    BioWare Reveals Most Used Cmdr. Shepard Names in Mass Effect

    I went with the default John since it's my actual name.
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    New Circuit Board Simulates Neurons 9000 Times Faster than a PC

    actually if you could figure out how to connect the brain up and program it in the right way it has plenty of memory and processing power to run crysis (yes I know your joking)
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    If you could become "augmented"...would you?

    when they're as good or better than what I have and assuming I can afford them I wouldn't hesitate.
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    Suikoden II ESRB Rating Could Point to PSN Re-Release

    Yeah I own a copy of this but its good that more will be able to play it without paying through the ear for it.
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    Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Arrives in North America this Summer

    I pre ordered the Chinese/Taiwanese version as I hear its in English (text only) and I prefer physical copies.