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    Shigeru Miyamoto Probably Won't Work On Next Mario Game

    Is that even legal? I'm pretty sure by law Miyamoto is required to work on anything Mario related, on pain of having his knee caps vaporized by angry fanboys.
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    What is your gamer stereotype breaking hobby?

    Martial arts--I've been involved in karate, krav maga, and street fighting. I was also an infantryman and combat medic for a bit, but that's more of a job than a hobby.
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    How to survive a zombie apocalypse!

    You die. We like to pretend that "In a zombie apocalypse, my inner talent will shine!" but even I, with a military and martial arts background, know how mindf*ckingly scary vicious dead corpses attacking you will be. I don't carry a gun on me at all times. Watch the new Resident Evil film...
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    Mass Effect: Child Killing Simulator

    As soon as the massacre happened, sick people tried using it to further their own agendas. As I recall, Iran state TV immediately blamed it on Israel, because why not? After you've blamed shark attacks in Egypt on the Mossad, any inhibitions against looking stupid are clearly non-existent, so...
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    The R Word

    Amazing article. I will definitely keep in mind to be careful when using words I never gave a second thought about before.
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    LoadingReadyRun: How to Find Free Wifi

    Jesus, reminds me of the eight months I didn't have internet for and had to steal neighbor's wifi. First time I ever guessed a password correctly, too. 12345. Ah, good memories.
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    Poll: Should Half-life 3 radically change the story?

    Valve needs to give us closure with the Combine the same way they gave us closure with Nihilanth. But ultimately, the whole beauty of Half-Life 2 was us waking up as Gordon without any idea what was going on. Even I can appreciate it, and I played 2 before 1, (which was frustrating when I...
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    South Park RPG Class List Includes the Jew

    See, in Israel, people don't have time to get worked up over a Jew joke in south park when there's literally entire countries around us idoctrinating kids to hate Jews, blame them for literally every one of the world's ills, and glorify suicide bombers who kill Israeli civilians. All while...
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    You have been sentenced to die... No really..

    Shot underneath the heart or in the femural artery, bleed out. I want to know death slowly.
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    Zero Punctuation: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    I'm glad Yahtzee made the point that "realism" is not something you should expect in a Modern Warfare game. From personal experience, being in the military is nothing like videogames and is hardly "fun".
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    Trailers: Hitman: Absolution - Run For Your Life trailer

    Cover system? DO NOT WANT
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    Quantum Levitation: The Coolest Science You'll See Today

    Tel Aviv university? WHAT JEW MAGIC IS THIS?! THE ISRAELIS ARE FORGING AN ARMY OF WITCHES TO CONQUER US ALL! Yes, yes, I'm Israeli myself, that was the joke.
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    Poll: Subs or dubs?

    Subs. Especially in anime, where the beauty of the Japanese spoken language is part of the enjoyment. Two exceptions are Death Note and Outlaw Star, where the voice acting in English was superb.
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    Your afterlife is a universe of your choice

    STARWARS. I mean, seriously.
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    Poll: Zombies: Slow or Fast?

    Generally, fast zombies are living "infected", while the slow are rotting undead.