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    Zero Punctuation: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

    Can I just say "Kudos!" to Ben for the W. Heath Robinson reference, rather than the usual over-reliance on (The Pretender) Goldberg to satisfy an unenlightened audience steeped (to the point of saturation) in American culture.
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    Valkyria Chronicles Spin-Off Will Expand Series by Ditching Its Best Parts

    Seconded. I'm not angry, Sega... just very, very disappointed. *sighs*
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    My Fetish: Fake Videogame Development

    One of the foremost examples I feel, and one that has gone on to inspire actual game development... @PeterMolydeux [] -> What would Molydeux? -> MolyJam []
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    The Worst Part of Each King's Quest Game

    Erm... took one look at how this article had been split into seven pages (of less-than-a-handful of paragraphs per page), and immediately refused to engage. Is The Escapist so desperate for traffic that it feels the need to employ a multi-page format to every contribution now? Or merely...
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    Blue Review: Mo-Fi Headphones, Yeti Microphone and Accessories

    The main (and imho, superior) contender as replacement for the Radius II does affix to a standard mic stand/boom... Link []
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    Your favorite BAD movie

    Snap! Talk about space opera.
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    Classic TV Series Lost In Space Gets a Reboot

    An unimaginatively named reboot... ... and yes - curse you for inspiring that thought! :P Never fear, Bob [] is here
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    The Downward Spiral of Fight Club

    Although a long-time Reznor fan, I still consider The Dust Brothers' soundtrack to be the quintessential (and an inseparable) accompaniment to the film.
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    An Unsteady Peace Arises in Twilight Imperium

    "An" :rollseyes:
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    Australians May Get The New Nintendo 3DS First, on November 21

    Surely it's not that difficult to write Australasian (although I much prefer Antipodean).
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    Australians May Get The New Nintendo 3DS First, on November 21

    FYI - New Zealand is not part of Australia. :|
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    Wave Hoax Tricks Gullible iPhone Users Into Microwaving Their Phones

    Mmm-mm... gotta love them baked apples!
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    Zero Punctuation: Lichdom: Battlemage

    I heard that as "unhampered by manapause".
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    8 Bethesda Games To Avoid

    But there is a difference between disagreeing, and being disagreeable. :| I do not argue with the fact that Besethsda's entry has popularised the conceit of the original (not really difficult, given a greater population base of potential consumers), but I would posit that it is the enduring...