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    Yahtzee nailed it (Games that beat me)

    Ni No Kuni beat me awhile back. I got a copy on Gamefly, fired up with promises of the game reaching amazing heights of quality at some point. When I played it, I was subjected to extremely patronizing NPC hand-holding and a plot that I felt far too old to appreciate. Add on the clunky...
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    What is all the fuss with Danganronpa?

    As others have said, it's a style over substance game, and I enjoyed the style. That's my impression in a nutshell.
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    So a Live action Netflix series of Avatar the Last Airbender is a thing now.

    I'm a bit curious. I'm definitely not expecting it to feel like the show I watched six months ago, when I finally decided to give it a watch. Still, I'm not all that deterred by the awful adaptation that came from the "The Last Airbender". That movie was a very special case, partly from...
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    The Ninja Warriors: Once Again (PS4, Switch)

    Whoa! I was not expecting this. How many people even know of the original game's existence? I can't even remember how I first learned about it over a decade ago. I'm curios, that's for sure, and the fact that the music's unchanged got my nostalgia going. Still, if it plays just like the...
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    How much did your life changed in the last 10 years ?

    Here's my list - I finished college - I moved into a condo - I became far more skeptical about my own political biases - I stopped caring that other people enjoyed pop music, or that they didn't care about metal - I took up writing as a hobby to rival my gaming hobby - I started reading...
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    What would be considered "Too Picky/Selective" when dating (or in a relationship)?

    I'm pretty new to this. For a long time, I just wasn't interested in a partner. My single life was pretty comfortable, and social enough to leave me with little desire for a partner. Even now, I'm mostly planning on doing it out of curiosity. As a result, I'm not really sure what's a deal...
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    What makes a character deep?

    Ah, now I see where this question came from. The problem there is, you're asking about what makes characters deep, when the discussion from earlier was about what made motivations deep. Of course, the two could be linked, since motivations are a part of character. Some people summed it up...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean 1 had the deepest villain motivation I have ever seen.

    Indeed. Simply attempting to grasp them would drive someone mad.
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    What makes a character deep?

    A simple way to think about it is, try describing a character to someone as if they were an actual person. However, you can only talk about their character. Personality, desires, preferences, hangups... All internal stuff. Official titles, things they do in the story, things that happen to them...
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    Cyberpunk playable from beginning to end already, according to CDP Red

    I'm with you on most of this. As you said, so far, they've been a company with far more integrity than most, when it comes to how they treat their customers. Also, as you said, their under-hyped marketing reinforces that trustworthy image, as a company that will give you exactly what they...
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    Cyberpunk playable from beginning to end already, according to CDP Red

    I'm withholding my hype. As others have said, this game is probably still far from finished. I'm just glad I can have some faith in knowing they won't release it until it's finished. I've got other games I can play until then, and when it finally does come out, I'll be watching with hope and...
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    Things you used to hate that you now love

    Dogs. Loud, hyperactive, drooling everywhere, and always making me sneeze. I couldn't stand them, or anything that made spontaneous loud noises for that matter. Eventually, my parents got a hypoallergenic puppy who managed to crack my shell. She was quiet most of the time, and was small...
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    Why do you have your current avatar?

    Pretty simple, really. Google Image. Sageoftruth had been my screen name long before I chose an avatar. Seeking a good avatar, I ran a search on "Sage" expecting to find pictures of old men with beards, but I'd forgotten about the plant. I was ready to try a new search word, when I thought...
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    Video Game Crossovers You'd Like To See

    Out of morbid curiosity, I'll cross Kingdom Hearts with Mortal Kombat. The bloodiest game ever to feature a colorful Square/Disney cast.
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    Discord to Valve: ("Oh you wanna chat now? Well then we're gonna sell games now too")

    Ah, I saw this just last night. I wasn't a fan of the robotic voice, but it does sum up my limited experience on the server pretty well. Somehow, Discord became a favorite place for people on Deviant Art to congregate. It doesn't bother me, but I definitely don't think "Gamer Site" when I...