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    Rumor: Wesley Snipes to Return as Blade?

    But who? My first pick was Idris Elba, but he's already slated as Heimdall in Thor. You know what? Fuck it. Go with Idris Elba. DO IT!
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    Third GaymerX Coming Despite Earlier Financial Worries

    I can pay $8.95 for this. (Sorry... Evo 2013 joke.)
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    Show Off Your Gaming/Geek Merchandise!

    It would take too long to post everything individually, so I'll just leave this here... Sage Collection [] Said collection includes: - a picture with geek rapper Random (aka Mega Ran) - assorted autographs from good...
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    Why do people seem to think Gamepads are better than KB+M?

    I grew up on action games and fighters. Therefore, a controller feels far more comfortable. Don't get me wrong; a the old keyboard/mouse combo does work better in certain games (MMOs, FPS's, to name a few), but if I can use a controller - preferably my 360 controller - I will.
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    Borderlands 2 Gets Color-Blind Friendly

    Ah, what the hell? Are you serious about this right now?! Really, what kind of shit is this?! I've been through the game and all the expansions with all the (base) characters and haven't gotten one single Conference Call!
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    What are things you dislike that you try so hard to like or pretend to like?

    Touhou Project. While I admit the music is pretty good (okay, I mainly just listen to the metal remixes, but I digress) and I do like some of the characters (even if I think some of the designs are pretty fucking retarded, but again, I digress), try as I might I simply can't get into the core...
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    Jimquisition: Copyright War

    Something like this happened to me a few times just a few years ago. I had gotten Asura's Wrath (shut up! I like the game!) and made a little "Replay" of going through the first episode. About 2 days later it was flagged for copyright shit. A more baffling incident happened with SR3: I had...
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    Your first console?

    I had a Sega Genesis for the longest time, that's where part of my love for Sonic comes from. I forget exactly what happened to that, but I do remember that something happened which prompted my mom to get me a replacement: the Genesis 3...
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    Leaked Gameplay Demo Shows Off 30 Minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition

    I did try it (played both Origins and 2 several times, in fact), and I kid you not when I say that almost every battle put me to sleep, and I've tried all the classes (a two-handed warrior in the first game was fucking terrible...). It wasn't that the battles weren't exciting or challenging...
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    Killer Instinct Classic Ports the Original to Xbox One

    Orchid's looking good. Loving the new Lara Croft-inspired outfit. Not so much love for the J-pop style theme song though. :/ While I'm still not sold on the X1 itself, I really want this game. Maybe I'll get the game and have it on standby until I get the system to match.
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    Leaked Gameplay Demo Shows Off 30 Minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition

    I didn't watch the video largely for spoiler purposes, but are pause-and-play tactics the be-all end-all to the combat in this installment? Not knocking that method, but if that's the only method of play available I might have to give this a pass.
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    In Defense of the Casual Gamer

    I was a bit confused by the content of the article itself here. As I see it, a "casual gamer" is one who exclusively plays games on such devices like an iWhatever or an Android device - people who do such things to pass the time on the bus or something. These are folks who could give zero or...
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    Alienware Tempts Gamers To Master Race With $200 Console Trade-Ins

    Seriously, can we stop with this "PC Master Race" shit? Who gives a fuck who plays what on what platform anymore?! More in line with the topic, I'll stick with my custom rig, thanks.
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    Battlefield Director: "We Strongly Want To Get Into Linux"

    Zorin and Linux Mint are very good noob-friendly distros. I prefer Zorin myself since it handles very much like Win7 and it comes with Google Chrome pre-installed instead of Firefox (not knocking Firefox at all; it's just that once I went to Chrome I haven't looked back).
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    Poll: Would you pay $250 to pay for a proper military burial for someone you do not know?

    Me being in the service myself, part of me says "yes." Losing another brother-/sister-in-arms is never a good thing, regardless of who they are, where they are, and what branch they belong to. BUT, the other part of me thinks that $250 starting out is kinda high. Sure, the veterans that have...