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    What is the geekest thing you own?

    The Super Mario Bros Super Show box set. Bought it myself when strolling through Best Buy one afternoon. Best $35 I ever spent at that store.
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    Any Last Words?

    "Suck it Trebek!" follow by a knee-buckling kick to the junk.
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    Where your avatar comes from

    From the best TV show in the 90s ever, Legends of the Hidden Temple. Do work Silver Snakes, do work.
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    Brushes with Death

    Worked at a gas station that was robbed at gun and "huge ass knife" point. Let them to what they pleased and didn't say much back to them. Only ended up with a punch to the face and bloody nose. Could have been MUCH worse. Back when I rode dirt bikes, decided to do a jump and while hitting...
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    Creepy online experiences.

    Sorry for the lag, nope was just playn, figured someone would make the stupid, "Hey *insert name*" jargon so I beat the internet to it. Ive had it happen in an MMO called Conquer, free to play.(Well kinda but you all know the whole F2P thing) Had numerous people come up to me and ask me...
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    Creepy online experiences.

    Holy Sh!t, Logan is that you?????? The same Logan that I met on XBL a couple weeks ago? Ya know the one from Texas w/ the gamer tag "Pop N BEAVER"????? Man I didnt think I would ever talk to you again after that wicked Halo beat down you guys received. Glad to hear you're still kickn...
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    Marijuana Legalized in Two States

    Above will be quoted by angry potheads. It is still Federally illegal so Im not sure what the big deal is. You can grow you own in those states and have up to an ounce(fairly large amount) on you at any time. ANy more and you are breaking the law. You cannot sell it(since they have no ways...
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    Come up with a slogan for The Escapist

    The Escapist - "WTF is a bronie??" Seriously had no idea until I started posting here. The Urban Dictionary's 3rd def is pretty hilarious tho..... The Escapist Forums - "Discussing the tough topics... like boobies and super powers!"
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    Where not to go in a(n zombie) apocalypse

    Some of you state you would go to a farm in the middle of nowhere. 1) A lot of survivalists will have that plan and.... 2) Odds are the outbreak hasnt reached there so are you going to try and kill the resisdents and take their land or plead to let you stay with them. If you came to my...
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    Halloween Costumes and You

    That would actually be pretty cool in concept, not sure I could pull it off tho as Im fairly artistically challenged. I am definitely going to go back and watch a Clockwork Orange and see if I can pull off one of those, good call.
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    Halloween Costumes and You

    Hello again ladies and gents, In two weeks on the 27th, the Central West End in St. Louis, MO will be having their annual Adult Halloween Costume party. It is always a rowdy fantastic time filled with outrageous costumes and debauchery. Last year I went with a homemade Beetlejuice costume...
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    The best taglines ever

    That was one sweet bobsled team! So many good quotes from that movie too. My new favorite.
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    Pick Your "Worthless" Super Power!

    The ability to squirt soft serve ice cream out of my pinky fingers. Chocolate on one side, vanilla on the other. Or the COMBO BREAKER of swirl when both hands are combined!
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    food you don't like, butothers do.

    Gizzards = grossness. Politely disagree with the Mushrooms. Morel is the best damn tasting thing in the world.
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    Misconceptions about gaming/gamers that annoy you the most.

    Dear God, if I get another, "Hey you went to school for Computers, can you look at my (insert brand) phone?" Exact same response goes through my head as yours. And the monitor RAM is a new one on me, funny but sad simultaneously. I do also want to punchasize every 11 yr old COD player...