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    Quickly, make up a random plot twist!

    Turns out that that giant brown monster of intergalactic doom, bring death to countless civilizations spanning the entire known and unknown universe, was actually in fact red.
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    But there ARE great Female game characters!!......

    The problem I see is that a lot of female characters come across as completely interchangeable with a male character, Samus Aran is the obvious one for this. What needs to happen, in my opinion, is what Extra Creditz alluded to in their episode on the subject. The female characters SHOULD set...
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    Bethesda Says People Are Still Buying Horse Armor

    I got horse armour when I bought Oblivion GOTY edition, never knew there was such an uproar about it.
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    Battle: Los Angeles Game Can Only Kill An Hour Or So

    This is going to sound rather cynical (intentionally) but this seems like some kind of marketing ploy. They make the game (which is regarded as bad by default due to it being a movie tie in) then the reviews bomb it due to lack of length and quality. The reviewers or others reporting on the game...
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    The Big Picture: PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming!

    Surely though, by the arguments in this video, it also means that console gaming and consoles in of themselves are dying. I can't really bring myself to agree with many of the points in this video except for the idea of the decentralisation of computing.
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    Tsunami "payback" for Pearl Harbour

    So by this merit, America's Karma for dropping two nukes on Japan will be Yellowstone erupting?
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    THQ In Hot Water Over Homefront Marketing

    I'm just going to throw it out there, if a sea lion sees the balloon and thinks "That looks rather tasty, I think I'll have a bite on that" either a) it won't die or b) it kinda had it coming.
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    Blizzard Shelved StarCraft: Ghost to Support WoW

    Why is everyone so upset about it being cancelled? I've heard from a couple sources that actually played the game when it was in development that it was pretty terrible.
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    EA Added As Defendant To Activision's Infinity Ward Countersuit

    Joke or not, I don't see where the problem is. Its not like they would of made a substantial loss if this was the case, people who would buy the stimulus would have bought it at some point regardless. It's a shame that it seems that Kotick wants to take the camaraderie out of the studios.
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    Poll: Is PC gaming worth the discomfort?

    I choose other: My pc chair is comfy as hell, but if I want more comfort I have a cushiony armchair right behind it.
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    How Do You Assassinate?

    I'm stuck in a three-way tie 1.) Assassin's Creed style, taking them out up close and ruthlessly 2.) Take them out from range with a sniper rifle (weirdly enough I got most enjoyment doing this from GTA San Andreas, but those were random targets.) 3.) Uplink - Hacking into the Acedemics...
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    Poll: Who is your Favorite Mass Effect 2 Team member?

    Garrus and WrexGrunt, my bro squad.
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    Protagonist is Coming ACT LIKE A NPC QUICK

    double post
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    Protagonist is Coming ACT LIKE A NPC QUICK

    Stay a while and listen...
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    First Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Details Leaked

    My favourite part of the revealed information is that beards are now in the game.