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    Nintendo E3 2011 - Your Reactions?

    A lot of people seem to have the issue that the controller would be uncomfortable to hold, but in reality it's exactly the same as holding any handheld, and those seem to work fine.
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    What is your current team in Black/White?

    Samurott Level 36 Conkeldurr level 34 Zebstrika level 34 Victini level 33 Stoutland level 33 And uh... whatever the last evolution of Pidove is called... level 34
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    Nintendo Can Disable a Pirate's 3DS Remotely

    Plus it'd actually have to be connected to something for the wi-fi to work, so you could easily stop that just by never actually connecting it if you're so inclined. And it doesn still have alot of other wireless functions in sleep mode, so presumably it does work in the same way as the wii.
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    Nintendo Can Disable a Pirate's 3DS Remotely

    True, however the only real way it can tell you've been doing something they would class under pirating, is basically by pirating or doing they've specifically announced not to do with the thing. It's a simple enough preocedure, if they see you've used something like an R4 cartridge, next time...
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    3DS is Watching You: Activity-Logging and Anti-Piracy Features

    It has an in-built pedometer, it tracks your steps taken for an activity log which you can view, that ties in to another feature but i'm too lazy to explain it
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    Nintendo Can Disable a Pirate's 3DS Remotely

    The Battery life for the 3DS would actually work fine with the wireless on and the 3D off, if it's that much of a sorespot. (And no one start saying "But why would i turn the 3D when it's the main gimmick?"... Well, you'd turn it off because from that tone of arguement you probably don't care.)...
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    Nintendo Can Disable a Pirate's 3DS Remotely

    To be fair to Nintendo, this particular Brand of DRM doesn't really impact the customers, only the pirates. No one likes DRM, but at least it's not all that intrusive as others.
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    Nintendo Can Disable a Pirate's 3DS Remotely

    It does seem a little bit overkill but at least they're being frank, anyone who does it anyway and complains when their console stops working kind of had it coming
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    A moment of your time...

    Many thanks
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    A moment of your time...

    I know it sounds unconvincing but i take a course in general Games Development, this is split into six units and this current unit is based around research, so now that we've moved on to Advertising Games i have to perform yet more market research through questionnaires, hence why i'm here. I...
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    A moment of your time...

    Oh hey guys, some very very bored people may remember that a while back i asked you guys to fill in two questionaires as an awesome favour to me for my College Work. Well, i kind of have to do another one, this time on advertising a video game. So basically what i have here are some basic...
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    Review: Breach

    True, it does add context and you can clearly see the problem that's occured here, but that doesn't make up for a bad game. A simple fact is that bad games generally don't sell well, and even in context, it still seems kind of like a disapointment considering what people would expect from a game...
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    Rumor: Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven Team Up For Modern Warfare 3

    Ok seriously, three developers? i saw enough complaints when MoH had 2...
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    Make A Minor Change To A Game You Love That Would Depress The Hell Out Of You

    Is your name Brock by any chance?
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    Poll: Is batman a superhero?

    If he lacks super powers, he's not a superhero, he's a costumed vigilante