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    How is 9/11 viewed internationally?

    Here in Australia we woke up, turned on the tv, wondered where Cheez TV was gone and then sort of went on with our lives. Keep in mind I was 10 at the time but I remember wondering why Australians even went to war over it. Not sure of the numbers but there were very few Aussies in the towers...
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    Whats up Australia?

    It is like this because we have an R18 rating for movies but don't yet have one for games so currently anything that is deemed unacceptable for 15 year olds is banned. Having said this since Left 4 Dead 2 the only notable games to get censored/banned were The Witcher 2 (really minor thing) and...
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    What if Saints Row 3, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, and MW3 (if you're still into that) turn out to be bad?

    The only people who'll get disappointed by the AAA games coming out this year are possibly Skyrim or Battlefield fans, not because those games will suck but because people expect way more from them. Everyone knows MW3 will be indistinguishable from MW2 and Black Ops. ME3 and SR3 might change a...
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    So how bad are Mass Effect 1's driving segments?

    It's definitely the worst driving in any game ever (a brick covered in flubber is the most accurate description i've heard) but there's not really enough of it to stop you from at least completing the story. If you plan on getting 100% then it's going to suck though.
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    MW3 no different than MW2....(some MW3 gameplay)

    What is odd about Call of Duty is that the only thing that changes game to game is the single player campaign but the people who get all excited about it hardly even play the single player.
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    Leaked Photo Reveals Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition Details

    I wonder whether Activision was actually aware of the cock imagery when they named it the Hardened edition. If so, those meetings would have been interesting.
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    Poll: So I just met my lesbian neighbors...

    Your title dragged me into a thoroughly uninteresting thread. It seems you have won Mr Internet...for the last time!
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    What'd you name your Shepard and why?

    Alex Shepard for femshep, just kept John Shepard for maleshep. Although I spelt it wrong Alex is named after Alyx Vance from HL2