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    How long do you sleep? (Average)

    5-8...seems I sleep less on weekends than work days.
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    Poll: Should I buy Terraria?

    In my opinion, it is a solid and addicting game. Harder beginning challenge; but thats a good thing. For such a monotinous act of digging down, you get a real sense of joy from finding the rarest of ores, caves and rare chests that make the game much easier and enjoyable. And as you progress...
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    World of warcraft question

    Ah ok...thanks to you both. Now here is another one. We bought two of those key logger things that make you give a number every time you log in...but we cant find one of them. If by chance its the wrong one we have, can I access the accounts. If
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    World of warcraft question

    My wife and me got into the game for a few months and stopped just before the new expansion. I made it to 80, she didn't make it to the first expansion. Here are the questions. Can we reactivate our accounts and how? Is there a value bundle way to get my wife the new expansion without...
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    Games you admit playing on easy.

    Every damned RTS....not a fan of the constant micromanaging needed on higher difficulties.
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    Deepest Story in a Game *No Spoilers*

    Hmm...I'll give my props to Metal gear solid. Especially if you add in the fox-die medi-logs you can watch.
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    Duke Nukem: How would you resurrect this franchise?

    A actual funny team of comedic writers. Don't try and bundle up the past...fresh start. Something unique has to be in the mix. Play on the strengths that make the character unique...holding many fun to shoot weapons, many stage secrets with tounge-in-cheeck humour, nudity and swears (we live...
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    Why does America have military bases in other countries?

    Has to do with spheres of influence and tactical advantages for those regions. It's my belief in the true motive of the Iraq war. Besides...the same thing has been going on since the beginning of time. Ghangis Khan left many troops in Afghanistan for cultural and tactical reasons. Greece...
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    Why does America fear/distrust it's government?

    Distrust its gov't? Last time I checked Americans were willing to give up there freedom and security with the patriot act for fears of attack. Not to mention re-elect officials that blatently lie to them and invade/occupy other nations. Distrust..perhaps in ways that will help them like...
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    Zero Punctuation: Duke Nukem Forever (for real this time)

    This was a good review. It was balanced and fair, and as a fellow Duke fan of yesteryear I am glad to see a fair and candid review of the game. I can't believe you can't give money to the strippers... Forshame.
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    Calgary comic expo

    Anybody elso go...if so, what did you think? Likes...dislikes...general views.
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    Stanley Cup Finals Post game

    Canucks....been too long since it's been back in Canada. Even though Bruins have more Canadian players. Back to the T.V.
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    Duke Nukem Forever Review

    This review didn't tell me anything about the value of the game. Are their gameplay mechanic flaws, graphic flaws, sound flaws? Glitches...any broken aspects of the game that makes it unplayable or a chore to play? Thats what I want to know. I played the crap out of duke Nukem 3d...even the...
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    Who's your favorite anti-hero? bone crushing guy from Watchmen. Deadpools great aswell.
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    Poll: Did Sony do it...?

    Doesn't seem like there is any proof from what I have heard on who actually did or didn't do the Sony my question. Until I hear concreate evidence I'm going to say everybodies opinion is just as valid as anybody who do YOU think is the culprit (and if you'd like to...