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    Overwatch Open Beta Extended

    The two games have drastically different game modes, and one has mobs and leveling during the match while the other doesn't. So, I don't see how Blizzard is aping Battleborn. If you don't feel like playing either, then feel free to continue being ignorant about the games, but now that I have...
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    Am I Wrong to feel Vindicated by this 'Censorship'?

    But what about blizzards right to not have something in their work and to remove a part that they don't like? Can the complaints from the recent Blizzard's 'event' not be considered one body of people imposing what they think should be in a piece of art? This is the intent of the original...
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    Mojang's Scrolls is Shutting Down

    Microsoft has no plans for Mojang. Or at least, they don't have any plans regarding new game development. So of course Scrolls means nothing to them. Doesn't make sense for Microsoft to own that product. They wouldn't know what to do with it, so it goes down the bin.
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    Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is "Not a Sequel", But Honors The Original

    I'm guessing what they mean is that is is going to be so different from the original, that they can't justify calling a sequel. But then again, this is DICE, and their perception on what a sequel means... well from their history, what constitutes a sequel is quite restrictive. It is a sequel...
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    Overwatch will spend it's entire existance trying to justify itself.

    90 Horizontal was the standard for FPS in the days of 4:3 screens. Standard fov for source games, including cs:go is ~74 Vertical.
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    World of Warcraft Suffers Biggest Subscriber Drop in History

    Can you really call it a drop? It is more like a correction, putting the data point back on to the prevailing trend of subscriptions. The expansion numbers just seems to be a very big outlier.
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    Witcher 3 Dev: Don't Buy From Green Man Gaming

    What they really mean, is that CDPR doesn't know who the source of the keys are because, GMG made a deal with a reseller, and not directly with CDPR. There is something of great concern however. It is reported that GMG is listing the game as being sold by Namco, which is apparently the...
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    Elder Scrolls Online Removes Six-Month Subs, F2P Rumors Arise

    Has to do with billing cycle. When they sell somebody 6 months of play time via a subscription, they are promising the purchaser that the subscription and play time will provide the same valuable service over the subscription period. If these subscriptions are made obsolete by a future change...
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    Valve Changes The Steam Controller Again

    Valve are making a compromise between, thumbstick, buttons, d-pads, and the mouse. The original idea seemed to bet that the trackpad is primarily the compromise of a mouse, a trackball, and a thumbstick. In the second revision (or was that a fan mockup?) of the steam controller (the idea with...
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    Gamer identity: what is a "gamer"?

    Strawmen are a intentional or unfair misinterpretation or mis-reconstruction of somebody else's argument in order to plant logical missteps or fallacies in them to prove that their CONCLUSION is invalid (the arguments are just a tool, the conclusion is the purpose). I don't think either side of...
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    Jimquisition: Ubisoft Talks Bollocks About Framerate And Resolution

    It is stated that 60 is objectively better. You claim that you don't like it. That is fine. Subjective and objective facts are different things. It can be objectively better but subjectively worse for you. That is all fine. However you make a claim that there is no reason to say 60 fps is...
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    We Could See a Minecraft Movie From Night at the Museum Director

    2.5 billion may be unbelievably large, but it is the correct value.
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    Jimquisition: Ubisoft Talks Bollocks About Framerate And Resolution

    As a matter of fact, higher framerates allow better reproduction of motion, and lessens temporal aliasing producing a higher fidelity result. But I guess temporal aliasing is only an issue for stuff that moves really fast. Also, response times are hugely important to the VR people (especially...
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    Uncivil War: Alien: Isolation - Who Can Live The Longest?

    Worse yet, Yahtzee got two fat joke in one episode. I hope that doesn't weigh too heavily on Jim.
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    Report: Microsoft Skipped Windows 9 Due to Legacy Programming Conflicts

    I still don't get it. The fix, would simply to have this function report a string that is inconsistent with the products actual name, but good enough to legacy ensure programs work. They can then deprecate this function as a legacy only function, then introduce another function that gives the...