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    Your favourite comedy TV series (nothing too old, unless you insist)

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) is a good one if your not easily offended and Metalocalypse (Adult Swim) is good if you like metal
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    Games that made you cry

    Legend of Dragoon for the PS1
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    That Game you wish you could forget just so you could play it again ?

    Brutal Legend for sure. I'm on playthrough # 18 since I got it and I can still play it whenever and love it but... I would love to go back and experience the game fresh. The soundtrack is just placed so well within the story and its just plain awesome.
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    Favorite Video Game Weapon

    The Greatest weapons of all time (in my mind) is the combo of The Separator and Clementine from Brutal Legend. And the greatest thing about them is the FACEMELTER! or Bring it on Home! Melting faces and dropping a giant Flaming Zeppelin on people is just too fun.
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    What game represents you?

    Brutal Legend, Im a metal head and I love to break stuff, sometimes with an axe
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    Fictional character you fear the most?

    The Cherubs from Doom 3. Little babies with insect wings and big ass claws jumping out of thin air and biting your face off, not for me!
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    what do you think about this game

    considering ID's track record on game development they probably started this project before fallout 3 was even an idea, but I could be mistaken, it only took them roughly 10 years to get DOOM 3 out.
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    What games stole the largest portion of your lifetime?

    CoD4. Ive played through the campaign at least 33 times unlocked all achievements (cept that darn airplane one) and prestige 3 times over online. probably a month of played time im guessin
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    Favourite Weapon from Any Game!

    COD4 the AK-74U with double tap perk mobility, accuracy, power, and fire rate, what more could you ask for?