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    Study Finds Videogames Helpful in Education

    Odd that I just started running maths blaster plus (the precursor to the one shown) with the second graders (and a few advanced first graders) in media class...
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    RetroN 5 Retro Gaming Console Available for Pre-Order

    Well, the only games I would play on my GBA have been re-released for DS (MegaMan Zero) and I've got a RetroN 3 and a Super GameBoy so let me know when a RetroN comes out that supports N64.
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    Mythic Pulls the Plug on Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

    Well, that's sad. I'd all but forgotten that game. First one I was able to get into during closed beta in a long time.
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    What is the geekest thing you own?

    Personally, it's my Stan Lee autographed Daredevil vol 1 (1964) #6. My film team, on the other hand, has a HUGE collection of geeky props and whatnot that make that look as normal as a celery stick.
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    Update: WB Confirms Lay Offs at Turbine

    My two best friends worked for Turbine up until last week after working on DDO for more than a year. Both were expecting it but it still felt pretty gross when it finally happened. I'm proud of them though, both have interviews with another company in the next week!
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    Exploring Guild Mechanics

    Torn between Rakdos and Izzet and can only afford to hit one prerelease event. Probably leaning towards Rakdos right now but that may change.
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    The most re-watchable TV series?

    I have a bunch that I watch over and over. Firefly, My Family, Futurama, Arrested Development, Scrubs, Spaced, and Spin City are probably the most prominent.
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    Poll: Why do people hate 3D?

    My digital arts class a few years ago actually took the time to research it. Here's a summary of what we discovered. 3D films are, in a literal sense, a 2D projection on a 2D plane. The image is rendered in such a way that when coupled with, for lack of a better term, an optical illusion, the...
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    Check your pockets

    A couple of sales receipts and a D20. Oh and my wallet.
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    Forgive me Batman but: I think that Skyrim sucked. I've never bought a game console first-hand. I think MineCraft is dumb (maybe not the best example but my students make me FEEL like it's a sin). I liked the ending to Mass Effect 3. I've never seen Battlestar Galactica. I've never...
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    Your most disappointing film.

    probably either Spiderman 3 or Phantom Menace.
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    Poll: Dubstep, how do YOU feel about it?

    If I wanted to hear a bugs bunny cartoon copulating with early 90's AOL, I'd fire up my old dial-up modem and Boomerang Network. BUT: I am a fan of music in general and anything that gets people listening to music of any variety is cool by me. As I often do, I'll paraphrase the band Chumbawamba...
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    Ultimate badass team.

    Leader: Sorin Markov (Magic: The Gathering) Heavy Weapons: Space Marine Devastator (Warhammer 40,000) Stealth: Batman (Arkham City) Sniper: Garrus (Mass Effect) Close Quarters: Barbarian (Diablo II) Medic: The Todd (Scrubs) Air Support: That guy from Independence Day ("HELLO BOYS! I'M...
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    Browncoats Drive New Firefly Lego Set Toward Production - UPDATED

    This is what I'm worried about too. LEGO's target demo is the 7-14 range. While the upper portion of that range is probably old enough to appreciate Firefly, I don't see it as appealing to the majority of the target demo. While I'd love to see this become a reality (hell, I'd be first in line to...
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    Sholud Valve make a console

    This pretty much summarizes my thoughts to a T. I just have to wonder how they'd compete with the big three WITHOUT doing something of this nature. I have students who are always asking me why they can't play Skyrim on their cheep desktops and this COULD pose an affordable solution. (Likewise...