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    If something is given to you for FREE, do you have the right to complain or rant about it?

    The smell is free, don't complain about it.
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    Halloween Avatar Request Thread 2014

    Awesome thanks. I saved it and then uploaded it, and now the colors are all funky, its kinda cool.
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    Halloween Avatar Request Thread 2014

    Oh those are pretty cool, if you could remove the background they would be perfect. Especially the qt mummy.
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    Sexy Sex and You

    One :) I lost my virginity 6 years ago to the same girl I'll be sleeping with on Thursday. (Finally going home!) I don't count anything other PiV for myself, as the other oral encounters were not intimate, and I only trust anal with my partner, I also do not count non-consensual partners.
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    Halloween Avatar Request Thread 2014

    If it was possible, a turkey-cat that shits stuffing would be similarly amazing. (Look at me thinking ahead)
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    Halloween Avatar Request Thread 2014

    I want one too! Can you turn my pop tart cat into a spooky skellington cat? Or maybe a candy corn cat?
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    Escape to the Movies: Godzilla - Breaking Kaiju

    I would just wait for the fight scenes to appear on youtube (in HD), because while they are totally worth it, why even burden yourself with a substandard film? Bob wasn't kidding, the final act almost makes the rest of the film good, because it's almost PERFECT.
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    Games you'd love to see another entry for...but probably won't

    This. Also I'd like to see a Vick3, but that will never happen. (The guy who designed Vicky's economic system was fired, and Paradox has been simplifying game mechanics to appeal to a wider audience) Also, I always thought that we would never see a sequel to one of my favorite RTSs...
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    Top 5 games of all time

    I'm glad to see Fallout: New Vegas getting so much love! I hope you're ready to let me get away with putting four RPGs on a top five list, two from our favorite bug factory. 1. Fallout New Vegas (PC) What can I say? I'm a sucker for good story telling and almost all aspects of this game are...
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    Escapist News Now: Tales From the Borderlands Coming Summer 2014

    Eh, I could care less. The Wolf Among Us, and The Walking Dead are so good I don't mind waiting to get them. (Especially if that's what it takes to keep getting quality releases)
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    The infinite escapist playlist

    I'll take a crack at this, warning, I just finished Sleeping Dogs.
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    Does fallout new vegas have post story sandbox gameplay?

    You're welcome, I was so assaulted with how different your opinion was in comparison to mine that I felt I had to explain myself.
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    Does fallout new vegas have post story sandbox gameplay?

    I actually hate games that allow one to muck about after the heroes journey is complete. I think it was lazy of Bethesda to cop out and release Broken Steel because nothing changed. While I think it might be cool to go around a wasteland that is completely changed due to your actions, it's...
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    Rewiews ? i no longer trust "Positive Reviews" only negative, am i living in a paralell universe ?

    I still trust positive reviews, but I noticed something odd recently. When looking for a new book on Goodreads, I automatically skip to poor reviews, I think it's because if there is something some people cannot overlook it may bug me as well and I only have so much time for reading.
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    36% of All Games Owned on Steam Are Never Played

    I'm pretty sure that steam still tracks playtime when offline. That said, the fact that just over 5% of Skyrim owners haven't played it isn't surprising. I know a lot of people who owned it on the 360 or PS3 that bought it on steam, but had already played through 90% of the game. Why install...