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    Hard Questions

    Am I the only one bothered by the "make me pretty" means "give me long hair"? As for R34, the Laisure Suit Larry one is good and perfectly in-character (for both Larry and Erin). Most of the others seem to be drawn responses from GG guys mad at Erin's SJW aspect...
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    The Perils of Porting

    Again, it goes back to the lack of a very big corporation acting as both the carrot and the stick in the PC. Steam might become this one day, but currently it only cares about getting as many games as possible on its platform to sell. Meanwhile, publishers probably receive enormous...
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    In Defense of Reboots

    Eh, I feel we already have a pretty good idea of how the world is shaping up in Fallout. At least as the United States is concerned. What I think would be interesting is showing how other nations are dealing after the great war. How did the Chinese deal with it? Did they protect only...
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    Hatred and the Catharsis of Violence

    No, you don't play as a Villain. This point has been raised before, even in the Shamus' podcast "diecast". This isn't really villainy. This is just taking the shoes of a psychopath and killing people not for the sake of killing, but apparently for the glee of being as sadistic as possible to...
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    These Games Were Ruined By Trying to Be Movies

    I strongly disagree that games are for "Show, don't tell", you even made the argument for why. Games are at their best when they're going for "Let the player do it, don't show them".
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    SimCity vs. Cities: Skylines - Who Wins?

    He had a post about Chirpy. As much as he ragged on EA in this article, it almost pales in comparison to how much he ragged on Chirpy at his post on his blog. Pretty much he only liked one thing about it: That you can mod it out of the game. Or, failing that (if you're allergic to mods, for...
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    What Makes the Technology in Grand Theft Auto V So Great

    Games and mirrors, eh? Yes, it is glaring in more modern games, but mirrors are a HUGE pain in the ass to include into a game. "But even as far back as Duke Nukem 3D had working mirrors." No it didn't. It had a mirrored room on the other side of an unbreakable transparent wall where a sprite...
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    In The Last of Us, Joel Had It Right

    Well, it's easy. You stop playing. That's the whole point of the game. The only way to stop the killing is for you, the player, to stop indulging in it's violence.
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    How Lizard Squad Stole Christmas

    Or... you know... the great Diablo III launch fiasco, where if it wasn't the servers committing suicide it was the installs and downloads messing up somehow. If it wasn't that it was the log-in breaking the connection in such new and inventive ways it required you to CREATE A NEW WINDOWS ACCOUNT...
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    Super BioWare RPG: Origins: Awakening II: Turbo Edition

    In Oblivion every race was a mutant breed of potato-people. There was just no way to NOT go wrong. Though, to be fair, it took Bethesda to make Fallout for them to finally have people-looking... people. And mutants. The Super mutants of Fallout 3 are prettier and more human-like than the...
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    Escape to the Movies: Interstellar - Doesn't Live Up To Its Own Name

    It might have been wrong, but Nolan certainly wanted to show broad strokes of the stuff out there in space and unfortunately took some liberties. He wanted to show a black hole, but he didn't want give the characters proper propulsion to visit one and still visit a habitable place. He wanted...
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    Unskippable: One Piece: Unlimited World Red - The Seven Seas Got Weird

    Aww, man. Nami's design was one of the things that initially made me give the show a chance. "They have a short-haired ginger with loose morals and reasonable breast sizes? Well, she might just be an actually developed character!" It turned out I was right... and then Oda subtly changed...
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    The Not-So-Marvelous 90s in Marvel Cartoons

    Bob saying MIB: The Series was good. Godamnit, Bob, I was already getting used to hating your guts for your bigotry, then you have to go and actually say something that makes sense...
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    Escape to the Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Kids Deserved Better Than This

    People are too attached to the 1980s show. The turtles weren't the pinnacle of characterization in that one. They were two dimensional in their roles and the writing overall was awful. I remember hating, HATING April even when I was a Kid because of how utterly useless she was, and how all she...
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    Escape to the Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Kids Deserved Better Than This

    I know how you hated the TMNT one, but basically, this was Jeremy Jahn's review of it: Megan Fox was functional, but that's it. Shredder seemed tacked on. The plot was sketchy. But the turtles were spot on. The action scenes were as good as shaky cam can be. So, all in all, a good movie...