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    Deadpool Gets Betty White's Profanity-Filled Endorsement

    *censored endorsement. No profanity here.
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    Who did you most enjoy killing in a game?

    That Australian antagonist from Far Cry 3. I managed to disarm him and put the knife to his throat and pause long enough to say "Now, mate, fuck off." before putting him down. Immensely satisfying.
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    Zero Punctuation: Fallout 4

    I knew it. I knew this would be disappointing, bland, overblown, committee-design Skyrim-meets-Minecraft half-assery with needy factions and poor companion planning, with a contrived, 'serious' main plot - IE a missing child - that you can happily discard so you can collate power armor and build...
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    The Escapist Community is a tad too toxic

    This I totally agree with. I've noticed an increasing amount of intellectually elitist quips and snipes, cleverly stepping around directly insulting someone by being condescending and rude. And none of the moderators seem to notice. Moreso, I lost a lot of interest in so much as following the...
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    Bioware, Please Make A Plus-Sized Female Dragon Age Character!

    I frankly wouldn't trust an overweight superhero. The idea behind being physically superhuman is that you're way above the peak of human physical fitness and strength. It wouldn't make sense to be lugging around an unhealthy figure to go with your limitless stamina and power.
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    I think Fallout 3 will stay my favorite over 4: Immersion and protagonists.

    The hard save they put right as you exit the Vault passage where you can re-assign your character details is there for that very purpose; starting from there with a new character instead of beating Amata's dumb ass over and over, which, don't get me wrong, is a hoot, but yes - repetitive.
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    I think Fallout 3 will stay my favorite over 4: Immersion and protagonists.

    That'd be a deal-breaker for me. I won't even get Fo4 if that's the dialogue system.
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    I think Fallout 3 will stay my favorite over 4: Immersion and protagonists.

    Fallout 3, to me, has the most creative and clever way it portrays and sets up the protagonist and his world that I've ever seen, and it doesn't look like Fallout 4 will so much as try to hit that sweet spot again. I've never seen my perspective on Fo3 written by anyone else, so here goes: In...
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    Do you collect odd things?

    I guess so. I don't know where the box is offhand cos I'm still unpacking from a move, but it's mostly shiny things, as if I were a crow.
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    Do you collect odd things?

    I have a box labelled 'Crap from the street' full of shiny and interesting stuff I find out and about.
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    Deserters Will Be Shot

    This exactly. It's not a matter of punishment, it's safety. If you're frightened enough to run away from your countrymen, you're definitely not going to have the mental fortitude to resist when you get captured and probed for information.
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    Do you think demos/betas should be required by law?

    Not law, that's hyperbole extremist, but I really wish more gamers demanded it, so more developers would make 'em.
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    Poll: Does Hatred actually look like a good game?

    This is where I'm at too. I really don't care about how good the gameplay is; I won't be touching this immature garbage.
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    Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends' Players

    It really is. I was interested in the game itself, but was almost immediately repelled by the toxic community, and it's exactly this self-absorption that I find so abhorrent.
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    Your Favorite Planes in fiction and in real life.

    I have to say - and I don't know why - but the DC-3 is my all-time favorite aircraft. A big tough workhorse of an air-frame, introduced in 1936 and still in use today. As for fictional - the Brigand, Fury, and Devastator from Crimson Skies.