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    Creationist Scientist Wants Airtime on Cosmos for Creationist Views

    I may not understand this show's production schedule, but isn't it a bit late to be asking for this kind of thing? I mean, even if they would consider it, aren't pretty much all the episodes so far along they're either done and ready for airing, or in advanced post production? It's like they're...
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    wait, in the US you don't have Coffee Crisp, Aero, or Smarties?

    I live in LA and several grocery stores have a british section with marmite and spotted dick and whatnot, so I've seen Aeros there. There's also a chain of candy stores called Rocket Fizz that stocks older and harder to get brands of candy from america and different countries. Maybe I'll look...
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    Sherlock's Amanda Abbington Receives Death Threats for Her Role

    I concur, and I totally do ship Sherlock and Watson on occasion. But they wrote her character so well and I love her in the show. She's a great counterpart to John, and she can bounce off and verbally spar with Sherlock. And the best part is she understands the close connection that John and...
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    Wayward Manor Teaser Offers Spooky Glimpse at Neil Gaiman's First Game

    I just miss Haunting Starring Polterguy now.
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    Kojima On MGS 5's Quiet: I Meant Sexy, Not Erotic

    What's funny is that if it's true that her skin color changes so she can hide herself, then she's actually wearing too much clothing. It'd kind of ruin the illusion if you're practically invisible except for what looks like a floating pair of pants and a black bikini top.
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    Unskippable: Atelier Ayesha

    I love the Atelier games myself, though I only played the ones on the PS2. And how is skills in alchemy something no one would care about? I made created things in those games ranging from simple food items to support items for battle to armor and weapons to fricking bombs. And it's nice to...
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    The littlest or weirdest thing that has made you want to play a game

    Persona 3 because they shot themselves in the head to summon their powers. Okay, it was a metaphorical thing of whatever, but close enough. I'm not sure what that says about me. Viva Pinata because I'm practicing animal husbandry with pinatas.
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    Horror games and new IPs

    I'm not counting it out yet. It had a very Saw/Hell Raiser/13 Ghosts thing going on, with some American Horror Story sprinkled in. And yeah, it's all familiar, but I see some great potential for some good flesh crawling creeps if they pull it off right. And why is it so bad to make a live...
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    Escape to the Movies: Evil Dead

    Saw it today. It was..okay. Kind of forgettable for me, and featuring some of the dumbest characters I've ever seen (and a lot of that was in the terms of horror-movie-these-guys-have-to-make-really-stupid-decisons-to-keep-the-plot-moving). I face palmed so many times. I will say though...
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    SkullGirl's Indiegogo Project: Lab Zero Games needs funds to finish its first DLC character.

    I don't think it's hitboxes for one single character. I think they have to make Squigly's hitboxes, then see, adjust, and tweak how every single existing character already in the game does against those hitboxes. Then, they have to take Squigly and see what her moves will do against all the...
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    No Right Answer: Best Fast Food

    I'm convinced people who tout how great In N Out is have never had Culvers. Plus In N Outs fries are pretty crappy. Every time I've gone, they've been hardly crispy and taste bleh. Burger King and Wendy's have better fries. I even like McDonald's fries better, and I HATE McDonalds. I have...
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    Man Jailed for 3 months over Facebook Jokes

    Actually, the article says that the fifty who came to his house weren't with the police but the upset members of the public. "Woods, who is unemployed, was arrested for his own safety on Saturday night and remanded in custody ahead of his appearance in court." He was arrested because a...
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    Horror movies that are actually scary and not just gore/startles

    Poltergeist (So good and creepy. I only felt they resorted to one slightly unnecessary gore scare. Plus how can you not love Craig T. Nelson? "YOU ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES! WHHHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!") The Orphanage The Lady In White (your mileage may vary, and maybe it's more of a mystery...
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    The Atrocities of Your National Heritage... This is a Fun Thread! :D

    Welp, I'm a quarter Japanese, and then a mixture of crap I'm not sure about. Sorry about the whole Pearl Harbor thing. And my Chinese friend asks me on occasion why my people had to go and raze his people. XD So sorry about that too. And no, I will not apologize for anime because it's...
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    I'm bored with my xbox360 library and need help...

    Condemned. And since your 360 ought to be backwards compatible, try Psychonauts for the Xbox, or the Fatal Frames and Silent Hills. Alan Wake is alright, as is Silent Hill Downpour and Homecoming. Bastion's supposed to be pretty good. Shadows of the Damned, Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions...