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    PC Gaming Client: Which do you have? Tell us about your experience with them

    Gaming clients you say? But the ones I use the most are Steam, GoG, the FF XIV launcher and Epic Games. I've got no real issue with any of them, except that the downloads speed seem to vary wildly between them but eh, I just set it up to download over night as I tend to have terrible internet...
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    P5R is really good

    P5R is really good
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    What are you currently playing?

    Currently playing Persona 5 Royale with some Bannerlord thrown in. Starting tomorrow, FF7R will also be joining that list as I inevitably neglect Bannerlord for P5R and FF7R. >_>
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    What was your latest Trophy or Achievement?

    Ambitious Adventurer, for KH 2 Final Mix. Basically beating the game. The last one I went for was in KH1, for collecting all the Dalmations.
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    Escapist heading in "a new direction"

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. But am I talking about the way the sites run or the forums. Take a guess, winner gets nothing!
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    Thoughts from the Fallout76 Beta

    It's pretty much what I expected; Fallout 4, but with other people running around and on a newer shinier map with a different story and a different way of telling it via holo-tapes and just general environmental story telling. Not to say it's without its issues though; water didn't render...
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    What side do you walk on?

    The side that walks with Elias.
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    Massive Layoffs at Telltale Games

    [tweet t=] Not sure if the embed worked, but some hopeful news coming out of Telltale.
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    Do we have any Mods on the forums anymore?

    They're probably just not needed as much in threads as of now due to the fact we now have actual owners and that jazz.
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    Massive Layoffs at Telltale Games

    Well since posting that, I've also heard that episode 2 might be coming out but 3 and 4 are cancelled as of now. It's just gonna be a 'wait and see' situation and see if the remaining people at Telltale want to shed more light on the entire situation.
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    Massive Layoffs at Telltale Games

    # It's not, from what I'm hearing. They've shelved it so they can make Minecraft SM work on Netflix, which was a part of the deal they made with Netflix to also make a Stranger Things game. Clem's story is just going to be left unfinished and unfulfilled. :( But yeah, this blows major...
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    Poll: Will you buy a PS5 or Xbox 'two'?

    Depends on the games and what prices PC tech is going for in comparison.
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    I don't understand the appeal of Destiny 2

    No, every game is shit now. It has been set in stone. Your favourite waifu game? Shit. Sorry. OT: I enjoyed my time with it, although I did drop off when it became a major grindfest and my co-op running buddy decided to drop out as he put around 200 hours into it in a month and a half. Still...
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    The Escapist Was at Pax

    I mean, we have content now. That's the best thing that's happened to this place in a couple of years. :p As for the past being shit, he might be referring to how things were under Archon, but I couldn't tell you for sure. I don't wanna get into it as I'm not sure if the 'speaking ill of the...