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    Zero Punctuation: Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Surprised he didn't complain about the alien invasion. Seriously, who nitpicks deviations from Greek mythology when a game decides to have an alien invasion in the middle of their interpretation of Greek mythology? I'm just gonna assume that everything he didn't bring up in the review is...
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    The Big Cost of Small Places

    I have been saying the exact same thing for at least 3 years now, because it's so very true yet so many people STILL don't get it! Some common rebuttals to this argument include "well, if it takes so much time for one person to do it, just hire more people!", which is another great example of...
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    The New Shiny Escapist

    Hi, I noticed a bug that popped up really suddenly and I can't seem to get it to go away. It looks like the page stop loading when it was only half done, so while I get the content of the site alright the personality is all gone. All I see is white, lots of white, and one of those design...
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    Extra Punctuation: Battlefield 3 Is Scary

    Funny thing, I was watching the GameTrailers BF3 review, and the end of the review was a ten second shot of your character slowly putting a knife into someone's throat while they weakly fought back until they breathed their last chocking breath. Chilling stuff, and that one moment decided for...
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    Jimquisition: Used Games Have A Right To Exist

    I have plenty of other reasons to be mad at GameStop, but yeah, other pawn shops are totally at fault for using GameStop to determine trade in value and that makes me mad.
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    Jimquisition: Used Games Have A Right To Exist

    My only real problem with used games is that GameStop is now running the entire commercial used games market, and their practices are influencing every other business to keep pace with them rather than compete simply because nobody can compete with them. I'm thinking back on the time I tried...
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    Jimquisition: BOYCOTT!

    I stopped buying anything Activision made way back when Prototype was released, and so far I haven't knowingly bought any of their games since. This includes StarCraft 2, which I did borrow from a friend, and from the looks of things Diablo 3 is also gonna be skipped by me cause they're just...
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    The Big Picture: The Collar

    Took me a minute after reading the title (and sitting through the ad) before watching the show to realize that the collar would make for a nice shortcut in animation since that would mean you could animate the head separate from the body and thus have the body be mostly static while the head...
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    Extra Punctuation: The Rise of Rail Roading

    Hah, you bought a 3DTV. Next you'll say you're a big supporter of HDDVD and that the Kinect is totally the way of the future for games.
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    Jimquisition: A Different Kind of Difficulty

    Wow, Jim is actually calmly discussing a topic with tack and depth instead of just flinging insults around? Best episode yet.
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    The Big Picture: Hollywood History 101: Part 1

    A Big Picture episode actually focusing on the big picture? Shocking. (also really really good, keep it up)
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    Escape to the Movies: Cars 2

    ... is it bad that I kinda want to see this movie just for the Toy Story short? I mean, I liked Cars 1 well enough, but Cars 2 is my dreamed of Pixar spy movie... with cars. =/ I don't want to see it on the principle alone.
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    Escape to the Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

    I'll be honest, I have no problems with them making another one. Pirates of the Caribbean can be a great franchise, and while I don't think for a second they'll ever make a movie as good as the first one was, I'm hopeful that they could at least hand the reins over to somebody with some...
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    Most devastating loss of a save file

    I played Super Smash Bros. Melee to 99% completion, took me well over a year, got all the characters, all the stages, all the unlockables, high scores in everything that kept score and out of the 290+ trophies in the game I was only missing about 4, 2 of which were from save files of games I...
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    Name Game: Gentlemen and Science

    Clearly, you need more Ghost Trick in your gaming diet.