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    #166: What I Want to Be

    Still waiting for red robe/goggles guy to come back. He has been missing in action for like 50 strips! (Looks like #118 was the last time we saw him)
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    Total War Warhammer and Overwatch Release Day Discounts

    Isn't Warlords of Draenor free now? How are they still selling it?
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    Erin vs Erin #1

    I'm glad EDA exist. This is now terrifying. Completely agree. There is just something unsettling/grotesque about this new art style that I servery dislike. At least EDA is still fantastic.
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    Captain America - Civil War - Which Side Are You On?

    I agree with most of the review, except for I thought all the darker moments were excellently executed and in fact improved previous movies (such as movies that I didn't enjoy fully like AoU). Similar to the first scene of BvS flashing back to superman destroying metropolis, showing past...
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    Predict the most overrated game of 2016

    Legend of Zelda 2016 (if it comes out this year). Hopefully I am wrong, but after the massive amount of filler and annoyances in Skyward Sword (tadpole collecting, stealth section, drowsing sections, wrist breaking bird flying, going back to the first dungeon for a jug of water, same boss fights...
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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 Games of 2015

    I don't know where these rabid crazy fans of Undertale are. I feel like I see so many more rabid haters of Undertale who comment about Undertale and its fans whenever they can.
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    Battlefront is Barely Multiplayer At All

    I remember back in the halo 2/3 days, many more people talked and actually communicated. Of course you would get some man-childs, bigots, etc, but at least it felt like a social experience and there were always a few normal people. I do think party chat has contributed to the death of teammate...
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    J.J. Abrams Explains Why Force Awakens Leia Never Became a Jedi

    Thanks for the minor movie spoilers right in the article titles that appear on the front page, Escapist!
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    Please Understand, Nintendo is the Bad Guy

    Great article. Now I have a perfect piece to link to if I ever get into another forum fight about Nintendo's bs youtube policies.
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    Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Launch Trailer Likely Kojima's Last

    Wait, Conrad Zimmerman is on the Escapist now? I will take it!
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    Zero Punctuation: Nom Nom Galaxy & Freedom Planet

    I'm with you here! The dialogue in the trailer is what originally piqued me interested actually. No shame in enjoying the cheesy charming story/characters (although I will agree that there are some balancing issues with the audio but it never bothered me). Hopefully people don't skip this just...
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    Zero Punctuation: Nom Nom Galaxy & Freedom Planet

    I'm currently playing through freedom planet and it is awesome. Glad that it is getting some publicity. Story and characters are kind of dumb but also charming in the silly sonic way. Plus there are some parts that genuinely made me laugh. Plus if you hate the story you can just skip the...
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    Zero Punctuation: Cave Story - Heart and Art

    The no grabbing jetpack complaint is coming from the guy who made a game where you are a Welshman with a gun and not expected to kill any rabbits are the very start of the game! I wonder how much influence Cave story had on Yahtzee's game Poacher. Can't wait for his let's play in a couple...
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    The Nothingness

    PC was 60fps. This was my exact experience going from Dark souls 2 on xbox 360 to the pc. I was shocked at how different the game looked and felt (although I did not enjoy the durability bugs with 60fps). Unfortunately, going back to ~30fps for Bloodborne makes the game look/feel a little...
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    Recommend me a game with a great story

    Mother 3!! If you have access to a gba emulator I would strongly recommend Mother 3. There is an english patch that was pretty easy to set up and the story and dialogue are phenomenal. Mother 3 also has some of the best sprite artwork of any game I have played. Definitely one of my top 5 games...