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    What have you learned today?

    Well I went to the dentist today for my checkup. On the part were they clean my gum, they says they cannot used the machine (the one that shoot out a jet of water) cos of the pandemic. This make sense to me cos those machine does emit partial of floaty water when the water is spraying into my...
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    I’m [blank] years old and still can’t [blank]

    33 and still can't ride a bike. Granted it's not like I have a spare bike to actually tried to ride it. Also I'm not good at tying knots from ropes!
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    Your Personal Ear Worm

    Currently it has been this Definitely buying the ost tracks once it come out!
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    Some good music.

    Not sure how any of yours feel about this. I discover this upcoming game (out at end of Augest) called "No Straight Road" and from what I've seen and heard, it has some really killer soundtracks! I want you to listen to the preview playlist tracks that are online at the moment!
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    Legacy Users - Get Your Badge Here

    Thanks a ton! I thought I may had to used an alternative email address of my to make a new account with the correct nickname if I was really desperate!
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    How has your quarantine/lockdown been going?

    Well I work in retail that is count as essiental job so I'm not exactly benefiting binge watching Netlix and playing video games every day. Even at working, I am getting paranoid when customers walked pass me that I quickly put on my mask if they walking in my direction. Speaking of that mask...
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    Legacy Users - Get Your Badge Here

    Err is there a way to renamed my username? Forgot the A in Scarim....
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    Web cartoons you grew up watching.

    Pretty much this. That shows alone was worth the many hours of downloading the mpeg for just 2-4 minutes file! I remember one time I end up staying up to 4-5 hours for the 6 minutes special cos the 56k modern was slow on that night! I actually NEVER heard of Homestar runners until many...
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    Plans for the Covid 19 Lockdown

    What plan? I worked in retail that also sell foods so no work from home for me! Likewise, our store is the same as all of the other affected store (god danm panic buyers) althought we had a massive food delivery today! Needless to say I am very exhauted due to how hectic works has been...
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    Ranking VG Movies

    I'm doing a top 10 as I don't remember every single lived video games films nor have I watched all of them like Prince of Persa or any of the Resident Evil lived action sequels. Street Fighter 2 The Movie (I've check and it did release in the cinema) Detective Pikachu Sonic the Hedgehog...
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    DBZA is over now! This is not a prank! I repeat, this is not a prank!

    Good to see that it is civil on here (majority agreed with their descesion). Their Twitter is abit on fire. Needless to says, it shows which fans are there for the Abridge series only or are there for their content!
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    Best Netflix Original shows.

    For me its- Hilda Stranger Things The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Twelve Forever Castlevania
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    Best movies of 2019

    Thank god that I keep making a sentence review on films I had watched in the cinema! So yeah this is more than 10! This is more like rating the films I had watched in the cinema in 2019! Top being the best and bottom being the worst! Godzilla: King of the Monsters Detective Pikachu...
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    Helluva Boss (Pilot)

    I find it interesting that they seen to have a selective colour scheme they had used for this and Hazbin Hotel like you don't see the colour blue and a few greens about. Also why it's obvious that they put in 100% EFFORT into their work unlike some cartoons out there but I'm abit confused on...