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    Lucasfilm Unveils First New EU Star Wars Novels

    That man is a boss A true gentleman as well.
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    E.T. Cartridges Found in New Mexico Landfill After 30 Years

    They were buried there for longer than I have been alive I think, time has moved rather quickly it seems. Edit- It was 11 years before my birth.
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    Canned Star Wars Game Filled with Darth Maul Villainy

    To be fair, Darth Tyrannus is a pretty cool character. Well maybe not a great character but it is certainly great to see Christopher Lee playing a villain again. He does it just so well, if only he was the dark lord of the sith and then Senator Palpatine, who was secretly gathering forces to...
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    Metro Redux Coming to Next-Gen Consoles, Deep Silver Confirms

    That outdated material had best be the DLC token... seriously, it would be intensely shitty of them to put out some kind of GOTY edition with DLC not attached directly to the game.
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    Quentin Tarantino Sues Gawker Over Hateful Eight Links

    Some thing should be public knowledge in artistic works, the money maybe technical details or general production news but this goes too far and feels to me like the kind of inappropriate publications that "news sources" like tmz would put out.
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    Obvious things you missed in games.

    Same thing happened to me, only it took me the longest time to figure out it wasn't really true. My friend explained it to me when I tried talking about how cool it was that they could do that.
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    PETA weighs in on Redskins debate

    So why are they talking about this, I don't believe it appropriate for an animal rights organization to chime in for the abolishing of a stereotypical caricature. One could make the rather dark assumption that they are assuming native Americans are animals, an all too common part of the...
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    Grand Theft Auto V Anti-PC Petition Has 10,000 Signatures

    "i hate when good games get ruined due to pirating, support the industry you love" -douglas thompson. When has piracy ruined a game. Actually ruined the experience for others, like my sitting down to play a game that I bought and said to myself, bloody hell all this piracy has taken all the fun...
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    RoboCop Reboot

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    Stylized Graphics, what's your take?

    But I liked the horrible people in Dishonored I thought it reinforced character traits in a sometimes subtle way that ultimately benefited the game. When you looked at the Pendleton's, you got everything you needed to know from their face. Sokolov too has a unique look that separates him from...
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    Do writers have something against romance?

    More talking out of my ass than anything else.
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    Politician Asks Game Makers to End Real-Life Gun Licensing

    Calm down. Relax, we are all friends here. Now I'm sure he has a reason for bringing the issue here into the conversation. It needs to be discussed before dismissed and I feel perhaps that your zeal is equal to the opponents.
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    Politician Asks Game Makers to End Real-Life Gun Licensing

    I agree. Though public pressure can really solve a problem, if one indeed exists, much faster than a letter. I think the fact we've heard means they have struck a balance which invites conversation while eliminating open bile.
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    Poll: What's your sexual orientation?

    I can't disagree with that. I feel there should be another word for majority that doesn't imply superiority, to refer to normality as nothing more than an average and to imply that this is no more or less than a percentage.
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    Do writers have something against romance?

    Forgive me nameless Internet person for offending your intelligence with my sarcastic comment. I shouldn't presume to know the first thing about you and I'd hope you do the same. But where are my manners, I'm Daniel, and I like to write in my free time despite not being great at it. To a certain...