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    my review on mondern warfare 2

    Thoughts in bold. You repeatedly claim that you are a reviewer in this piece. If that's the case, and you have reviewed something before, I, personally, expect a modicum of professionalism that wasn't at all present. At least put some time and effort into writing a review; I know it isn't as fun...
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    Poll: Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls V?

    I didn't like Fallout 3 too much, but I only really got into Oblivion after I installed a bunch of mods. I don't know, but I'll lean towards TES5.
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    So is there anything that someone didn't like? I know I can't please everyone, but anything other than to talk more about the gameplay?
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    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, said the mathematician Leonhard Euler, and this seems to be more than true in the games industry. A successful game will, without fail, bring in a plethora of clones, copies, and more attempting to cash in on a recent craze. Some would say that...
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    Gaming Month Review: November Week One and Two

    Errr.... What he said (I actually read all of it). I think this is the biggest problem I have (even considering the dismal grammar). No one wants to read someone that seems to trying their very hardest to aggrandize themselves. Your tone is also, at best, light hearted, meaning it seems like...
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    Borderlands Eridian Weapons

    I found a sniper variant at level 15. Then I tried it the moment I could and immediately sold it. They are very overrated.
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    Game Developers, your opinions wanted.

    Fixed it for you. Although, technically neither EA or Activision develop games, they just publish them.
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    Poll: Game Informer's 'Top 200 Games' List, BS?

    God of War (26) beat Half-Life (29). Halo 2 (110) beat Team Fortress 2 (118). What. Edit: Halo (39) beat Fallout 3 (65).
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    Is Torchlight better than Titan's Quest?

    I find Torchlight to be more light hearted than Titan Quest, although both are very good. If you want replayability, I suppose Torchlight might win by a sliver, but Titan Quest at least has online multiplayer.
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    Game Review: World of Warcraft.

    This actually isn't an extremely long review, IMO. I suppose when talking about a game as massive as WoW is, you could go into far greater detail. Having said that, I do believe that you wrote on unnecessary things. Is it really necessary to explain what "Tank", "DPS", and "Healer" is? Is it...
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    Infinity Ward Responds to Modern Warfare 2 Controversy

    So all this is for people who don't know how to maintain a server? If they don't know how, they probably aren't going to anyway.
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    Poll: Why is it that some Americans believe they won the war of 1812?

    People probably think that because Jackson won the Battle of New Orleans, even if it happened after the signing of the treaty. Neither side gained anything, but neither side lost much either, so that could be claim to a "victory", which is why textbooks still say that Vietnam was the only war...
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    Poll: Whats so bad about Socialism

    Socialism stems from a belief that capitalism concentrates money (capital) within a small percentage of the total population. Part of the reason that socialism is so stigmatized is because capitalism was the default economic principle of pretty much the entire world for the history of forever...
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    Poll: Black man speaks to children and Texas freaks out.

    You just made me /facedesk from the sheer stupidity of that statement. The only reason the West looks at socialism/communism is because it's different from the traditional capitalism. Dislike towards the two ideologies (socialism and communism are different from each other, so a "commie" is...
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    What games stand the test of time?

    Has nobody said Diablo 2 yet?