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    Why are you people so negative?

    "Your all too negative" Talk about self defeated points...
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    David Cameron calls for all teens to do community service.

    There were loads of riots and police were taxed to capacity to hold the situation. So lets give them a reason to riot!
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    Poll: Do you cheat in minecraft?

    Don't play minecraft personally, but i just want to clarify a couple of points to define "cheating." Cheating has to be done to someone, by someone. In single player games, if he uses cheats, he loses out. In multi, other players can lose out too. Take a standard basic shooter. If you hack...
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    Hitler asks for forgiveness.....

    "Say wut? Sorry, don't understand german. Also, shave that tash, it looks stupid"
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    If you could fill a swimming pool with anything but water...

    nothing, and make the swimming pool REALY deep. THIS, IS, SPARTA!
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    A question for non British people

    While she mess up everything, she did have one advantage that outshines recent governmental changes. She had a plan, and actually did stuff. It seems like thatcher took a sledgehammer to the scaffolding that was building britian, and now all the government can do is prod the rubble with a stick...
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    Poll: Is zero a number? (Read before voting)

    Zero is more conceptual than other numbers but in most cases can be treated as a number. Lets face it.. you'd not want to explain zero in the similar way as "i" (being the square root of negative one). It just makes sense to see it as a number.
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    3 Clicks to Hitler

    I heard there limit was six.. but it really doesn't matter... I do know someone who managed a zero.. clicking random page to get Hitler. The insane luck of it.
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    Poll: How does The Escapist like their Coffee?

    Man coffee.. no milk. But I do need fuel for the body so thus plenty sugar for the required rush.
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    Poll: Do you classify Portal as a FPS?

    As an observation, in most shooters, you shoot aliens/nazis/robots 'til it collapses and only approach it after it's shot when you need to loot/teabag it. From portal however, you shoot walls.... that don't collapse... and that your approach not only by walking, but by falling towards at...
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    Fastest way to scare off a girl/guy

    Talk about the ergonomics of a toilet.
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    Your pets

    Toast the cat. He's about as smart and the colour is about right (brown, black edges). Shame about the noise.
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    Poll: Love or Lust?

    Lust is a part of love. Love is a composition of many other things aswell but it depends on what the person values the make what "love" is to them. Some see lust as the biggest part and prefer to satisfy that above all else, however people who do this are generally not under the impression that...
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    do you think that your username is very memorable

    Any Futurama fan who's somebody know this name
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    Question of the Day, August 21, 2010

    Guns and Bieber.... if only...