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    Konami Adds "Paid" Insurance "Service" to Metal Gear Solid V Mulitplayer

    For everyone who says "Just stick to single player then", you have to understand that they specifically designed the game to be incredibly obtuse and grind-y to purposely test your patience and make you more susceptible to forking over "just a few dollars" to make the game less aggravating. This...
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    Skreens Can Give Halo 5 Split Screen Support - But You Need Two Consoles

    I was going to point out how stupid that is, but then I remembered that Gran Turismo 3 did that with the PS2's only use of the i.LINK port.
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    Zangief Revealed, Laura Leaked, for Street Fighter V

    Do my eyes deceive me? Have Capcom finally realized that Brazilian martial arts is a thing? Have they finally decided to make a fighter from Brazil that isn't more or less a monster? I'll have to wait until the video, but between Laura and Rashid, I'm genuinely impressed so far.
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    Mega Man Legends Returns With PSN Port Next Week

    I smell bullshit. The PSP can run every PSOne classics game you can throw at it, while the Vita only has support for a handful of titles. I sincerely doubt there is something special about Mega Man Legends that wouldn't allow it to run on the same system as every other title available. I think...
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    Gamers Only 20 Percent of Games Workshop's Customers

    I'm sure there's another group percentage for retailers, mainly brick-and-mortar outlets. Not a whole lot of online retailers though, since they're still cracking down on that. Most sites that sell GW merchandise can still sell the products, but they are not in any way allowed to upload...
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    Resident Evil Squad Shooter Umbrella Corps Coming in 2016

    Is there any reason, other than "brand recognition", for this game to even have Resident Evil in the title? Also, are they even making money with their Syphon Filter: Zombies series that RE has turned into after RE4? Or is Operation Raccoon Glitches and Resident Evil 6: Paul W. S. Anderson...
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    Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    I also didn't find a use for the cardboard box, at first. I racked up a ridiculous amount of GMP because I stripped down every weapon to its bones (save for silencers), never researched any new weapons, and reduced the amount of stuff to take with me, because for some odd reason it costs money...
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    Patch Released for Save-Corrupting Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Bug

    I just got the patch on my PS3, sometime within the last couple of hours. Clocked in at 162Mb, as opposed to the PS4 version's 435Mb.
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    Patch Released for Save-Corrupting Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Bug

    Again, using the butterfly emblem at all locks you out of [spoilers], so you shouldn't be using it anyways.
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    Middle Eastern Character Rashid Revealed for Street Fighter V

    It's weird when Capcom makes an ethnic character that isn't a complete walking stereotype (Honda, El Fuerte, Dhalsim, Zangeif, etc) or when it's a really random nationality slapped onto a monster (Blanka, Necalli, Necro). I'm also shocked they had the restraint to not add...
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    The PC Master Race Appears to Have a New Anthem

    Basic cycle of using an insult as an "ironic" self-descriptor until it sticks. See also: neo-pagans calling themselves "heathens".
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    Man Is Literally Allergic To His iPhone 6

    I'm sure it actually is somewhere in their thousand-page terms of service, just above the clause that entitles Apple to primae noctis with your wife.
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    More Details on the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Save-Corrupting Bug

    I find this a little bit suspicious. Don't worry, I'll section off any spoilers. I purchased the strategy guide the other day, and there was a section referring to a "secret mission". When you turn to that page in the book, there is a small paragraph that just says "Konami asked us not to...
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    Konami Warns of a Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Bug

    So far after sinking about 30-40 hours into the game, I've only encountered three bugs, which is impressive for any modern open-world sandbox game (although I suspect one of those two bugs might have been my crappy HDD). Each time it happened, I couldn't help but wonder if Konami would even...
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    Ubisoft Plans Theme Park in Malaysia

    Turns out they managed to find Rook Islands, and the perfect guy to teach visitors all about snorkeling []. I'm sure this theme park will be fun for the whole family.