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    Dvd Ripping software

    Avaholic03 , Signa, Truly you are gods amongst men, I'll give these a go. Thank you very much
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    Dvd Ripping software

    As Kpt._Rob said, I'm not looking to distribute the digital copies, just to have them for personal use so I don't have to take all me DVDs to Uni with my, though I know personal copies of dvds still isn't necceserily a completely innocent process in the eyes of the law Thanks for the warning...
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    Dvd Ripping software

    Not as far as I'm aware, although you did just manage to make make me feel liek an idiot and open the program. If you were trying to be helpful, thanks for trying, if not, you made me chuckle a little bit. Well played sir, well played
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    Poll: How much do you spend on an average night out?

    maybe £13 if I'm feeling generous to my friends, i tend to spend maybe a tenner at the start of the night and make the drink following that last a lot longer
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    Dvd Ripping software

    I'm turning to the good people of the escapist for help after an afternoon of frustration with free trials, useless programs and high pricetags. My question is simple, is there anyone out there who knows of a decent piece of free software that will run in windows 7 to allow me to rip my dvds...
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    Your first level 100 Pokemon

    Pidgeot on pokemon yellow, replaced my pickcahu as a useful pokemon for brock and i forgot about others afterwards
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    The New Doctor - Keep spoilers out.

    the reign of tennant is over, long live King Smith and his saucy redhead!
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    Pokemon Trades

    I'm wondering if anyone has a shaymin theyd be willing to part with/ let me log into my pokedex so i can finally have all 493- I'm willing to trade a level 100 areceus from the GAME UK heartgold/soulsivler event this week. I have otehr things I'm willing to trade too- enquire within
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    Poll: organ donation.

    everything, may as well recycle
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    The "not-date"

    I dont mind being in the friend zone, I'm at least experienced at it, its just being messed about i found annoying
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    Daemons. What would yours be?

    I'd go for a lion cub- is that applicale, or would it have to age as I do?
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    If You Could Quick Save...

    I'd probably never get past the first day - theres always a way you can improve how things are done, even when theyre good they wont be perfect :s this'd be like a groundhog day trap made of my own self-control :s
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    Your favorite "guilty pleasure" game

    Loads of em, Pokemon, Digimon , Kingdom Hearts and even Darksiders, the first 3 because theyre way too immature for me, I love em anyway, and Darksiders because right from the start I knew it was just a mish-mash clone of several decent games, but enjoyed it immensly anyways
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    The "not-date"

    I recently spent a week panicking and being nervous trying to ask a girl i like out, i was eventually successful and she said yes, great, right? Wrong. I turn on facebook the next morning and she asks what i want to do, adding a "this going out thing, its just as friends, right?", girl code...
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    What is the problem that is facing you today?

    Finding out the girl i took all night to ask out wants to go on a "non-date" rather than an actual date