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    Games that could justify the purchase of a gaming system.

    I got a Wii purely for Smash Bros and the other first party games, such as Metroid and Zelda titles, and exclusives such as any Tales games and the Baten Kaitos sequel that never materialized. I'll probably be getting a Wii U just for Smash Bros and other first party games, too.
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    ME 3 Trailer Shows Default FemShep in Action

    Hm, she looks rather a lot like what I made my Femshep in ME2. Somewhat different but broadly the same. More realistic, obviously, since my attempts always end up a little bit off. I might have to simply use the default this time around, heh.
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    Favorite RPG combat.

    For fast-paced and fun, pretty much any of the Tales games in my opinion, from the first 2D ones to the latest 3D extravaganzas. Honorary mention goes to Baten Kaitos, that was a pretty unique and fun system.
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    What games did you take a chance on but ended up liking.

    Baten Kaitos was a very successful gamble. I'd never heard of it, but saw it on a store shelf and picked it up on a whim.
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    What role should player skill have in RPG combat?

    My favourite combat in RPGs has always been that in the Tales games, which is far more like Reckoning's than something like Golden Sun, for example. I like how realtime combat lets you get through fights for which you aren't prepared if your personal skill is good enough. In Tales games you...
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    Is Steve Jobs the 2nd Greatest Innovator of All Time?

    It's deplorable that Tesla isn't on that list.
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    Kingdoms of Amalur's Combat The "Best" Of Any RPG

    Doesn't take much to have better combat than Skyrim.
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    Poll: Do you think you're more intelligent than the average person? (Be honest)

    You can't expect this poll to come out 50/50, though, since the Escapist readership isn't representative of the entire population. If you wanted to honestly check whether people overestimate themselves to such a degree, you'd have to have specified whether we considered ourselves above or below...
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    No one plays adventure games anymore?

    The Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright games sound like what you're looking for. People still play such games.
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    Poll: Do you know/are you learning a second language?

    I'm almost the same. Finnish was my first language, followed by English, then French was mandatory through public and high school, and I've been studying Japanese through university.
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    "Flame Red" 3DS Arrives Next Month, Mario Kart 7 Still Tentative

    "Notice that I said "release details" and not "release dates" in that lede?" What's a "lede"? It honestly shouldn't be this hard for a publication, especially one that prides itself on quality like the Escapist, to use spellcheck. Edit: well, it wasn't in my dictionary, but I guess it's a...
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    Evil Genius Gets Busted After Taunting Cops On Facebook

    It concerns me that there have been an increasing number of spelling and grammatical errors in articles lately.
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    In one session, how long do you think you could game for?

    I could probably do 40 hours pretty easily. I think the longest I've ever actually gone was 20 or so, but I was well out the far side of tired by then.
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    Nintendo Shares Tumble Following Wii U Reveal

    It looks like I'll have to get one eventually for Smash Bros, but I don't really expect much else from it.
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    Poll: Why do people think halo 4 is just a stunt by microsoft to make more money

    Because all games are made to make money. That and it's what, the 7th Halo game? There's a point where series need to stop.